Corrosion, waterproofing coating the inner surface of the lining and metal pipes with a diameter of feedthrough after removal of corrosion products is recommended to use with silicone-type materials GEKOS, organosilicate materials such as OC-74-01, polyurethane films. As a hydrophobic coating the outer surface of reinforced concrete chimney is recommended to use paint organosilicate OS-12-03 or a similar on indicator of permeability and durability of the coating. Roof chimney is recommended to provide a metal sheet with a thickness of 3 mm with a fence around the perimeter of the roof and metal corrosion protection. For provide natural ventilation tube device include the roof deflector. Opening for air in the gas-escape tube tract is recommended to provide input at the level of flue pipes area not more than 1% of the mouth of the chimney height of 100 m and not less than 0.2 0.3 m stacks at heights. On reinforced concrete and brick chimneys, decommissioned for subsequent removal after long-term Boiler on-sulfur fuels to be removed iron cap to prevent the fall of iron element to the pipe to a nearby territory, with "growth" due to sulfation lining of masonry mortar.

Observations of the state of pipes that are in preservation, inspections, surveys, measurements of precipitation and roll tubes run at the same time as the pipes are in operation. Svetoograzhdenie, a day marking Corrosion protection of metal stairs, traffic lights grounds, lightning protection in the period of conservation of pipes shall be maintained in good condition. Reopening of the tube should be preceded by a survey of its condition and repair the pipe to address the identified harm. After the decision to organize the conservation of the tube separate archive documents directly related to the preservation and further after Conservation commissioning. The archive of the chimney which is in conservation, should be kept: – passport chimney – Acts, reports on the state of the pipe to survey conservation – information about repairs, carried out before conservation – conservation activity reports pipes – acts of inspections and surveys during the period of preservation – regulations and directives relating to conservation – correspondence on matters of conservation. Based on materials from the site.