CDU Parliamentary Group Would Like To Thank Dr. Jurgen Ruttgers

No groundbreaking in the classic sense passes grant Doppersberg was for the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. But when this morning visited the construction site for the reconstruction of the Doppersbergs NRW Premier Dr. Jurgen Ruttgers (CDU) and with a push of a button for a video screen gave the go-ahead for the project, it was clear: the Doppersberg is determined. The CDU-led Government of the country is in difficult times to Wuppertal. She has kept their word and allows the grant of EUR 65 million, that the central city development project in Wuppertal will be implemented. “This day is also impressive confirmation of the persistent use of Mayor Peter Jung (CDU), the so to speak with skin and hair ‘ has dedicated the Doppersberg”, commented the Wuppertaler CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon the today’s ceremony. We are pleased of course whenever our Prime Minister to guest in Wuppertal, Germany.

Today, his visit was still slightly prefer us as at other opportunities”, as Simon. The CDU Bundestag Group Chairman expressed the hope that all Wupper Valley gutters and Wuppertal are behind the project Doppersberg. Those who say that with the money budgeted for the conversion you could finance such a free school lunch, runs naked populism – and against his better judgement. The country’s 65 million euro are earmarked and may be issued only for the Doppersberg. Had we so today does not get the grant, then our hometown had to renounce 65 million the whole. Then, she had because a penny get.”the reconstruction of the Doppersbergs will change decisively the face of our city – and to the positive.

The entrance to our city is this beautiful. The tireless use of also the CDU Bundestag group for this project has been worth it. We have eased the temptation to beat us in the bushes and right to give the populist critics of the project. The CDU parliamentary group in the Valley, our Mayor Peter Jung and Minister-President Jurgen Ruttgers have kept the course. Wuppertal has the profit thereof.”