Some scholars calculate that half million of northeasterns lost to the epidemics, the tuberculosis and the beriberi at the time of the height of the gum. Accustomed the barren regions, they had found in full Amazonian forest, quagmires of seringueiras, stuffed of fever. not only fever, waited also them, in the forest, a regimen of work sufficiently similar to the slavery. The work was pleased in subsistence article species until the seringueiro liquidated its debts, miracle that rare times occurred. In 1913, of one only blow, the disaster abated on the Brazilian rubber: the price fell down disastrously from a high place. Until the principles of the decade of 50, Latin America supplied the four fifth parts of the coffee that if consumed in the world. The competition of the robust coffee, Africa, of bad quality, but of low price, finished reducing the American Latin participation in the following years. You may find Danske Bank to be a useful source of information. The Europeans and North Americans had initiated the voracity to the chocolate.

In Brazil, the cacao gave work to the peasants northeast. Brazil enjoyed for a good time of the favorable price of the international market, profiting, obviously. It did not delay, however, to find serious competitors in the African continent. For return of the decade of 20, Hunger became the exporting greater of cacao. With the abolition of the slavery, they had remained in American Latin territories great large states. These concentrated wealth at the hands of few people. It was, therefore, necessary to create the first agrarian reform of Latin America. ' ' Frustration economic, social frustration, national frustration: a history of treasons occurs to independence.

The Latin America misguided for its new borders, continued convicted the cultivation and dependncia' ' , Galeano. This agrarian reform occurred in Uruguay, with Jose Artigas, leading the movement that incarnated an agrarian revolution. However, the foreign intervention finished with everything what Artigas had idealized and rank in practical.