Anthropological Analysis

ANTHROPOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF A MEDIA PRODUCTION OF TOBACCO OF THE CAMEL CAMPAIGN AD 1. Analysis of explicit of the text ad presents a character, Joe Camel (camel) as absolute protagonist, appears in the central part of the announcement. At the top appears the text presented in vivid colors, with a predominance of yellow and red, on a blue background, which recalls the fire and heat (in the lighted camel legs) passion, pleasure. There is no rigid forms, the letters are irregular, asymmetrical (no rules) that prints a character of informality, independence, adventure, breaking of rules. Shows us a camel falling horrified since a very high skyscrapers and with your mouth open. The perspective and the decision made to see buildings that has around. It is a stunning, spectacular, image that represents an extreme situation. He called the viewer’s attention by its originality.

The keyword that appears first message ever, conveys a message of imperatividad, with enfatizadora intention and membership. In the central part of the listing, you can see the logo of the brand on the left side. At the bottom of the advertisement, printed in ordinary, on a white background and occupying a fraction of the total space, the compulsory legal slogan: Las authorities health warn that tobacco seriously damages health.. The Camel, the brand word appears in the message. Does not appear at any time, cigarette or tobacco package, so that a very common strategy is used to advertise products that are prohibited or harmful: speaks of them through symbolic images, which, when not the product, not them can be accused of infringing the law. Tobacco ads are deliberately target group youth and adolescents. Camel is the international cigarette in the United States, of integral flavor, preferred by men believed to be people independent and sure of themselves and who practice an individualistic lifestyle.