Andreas Frank

It is therefore time to digest the innovations of recent years once”. Instead of searching constantly for pioneering new technologies, users should refine to their existing product offerings, which can be used without costly integration services and expert knowledge. The IT expert Udo Nadolski by the Dusseldorf consultancy Harvey Nash does not a fatigue or saturation innovations at all: in Germany we have the problem, not a country of innovation, but a land of technology assessment to be rather. Instead of just to try things out, we’re talking dead she. Explorers, inventors and tinkerers lead a shadowy existence in us.

When it comes to innovations, not scientists, computer scientists, mathematicians or engineers public debate, but sociologists, bishops, writer and cultural-pessimistic politicians dominate”Nadolski is criticized. Rejection affects would accompany any new technology. Before innovations at all the development could come, would bury them in anthologies on the risk society. For us, not the science, engineering or computer science disciplines, but Anthroposophists schools or homeopathic medicine are booming. We give our children no technical expertise. Instead of laptops we give them natural wood Schaukelpferdchen and swagger about the good old days”, says Nadolski. The double standards of the so-called post-materialist Eco Jet set, which moves at Dalai Lama events on Buddhist search for meaning with the Porsche, at the Organic grocery store goes out to buy sustainably produced spelt bread is worthy of criticism.

These social and mental state of the nation was a barrier to innovation. Particularly Germany as a country need technology optimism and should appreciate more his inventors, engineers, and researchers. To increase the acceptance of the technology, but also the developer in the company were wondering noticed Andreas Frank from the possible maker blog. Not everything what is technically feasible is proven in operation practice. Who wants to sell IT innovations in the future, worry first and foremost for more simplicity as the key to acceptance”, so frank. So, design thinking is needed as it practiced the Hasso Plattner Institute. There, you don’t start with the technology, but starts with the needs of the customers. Here, methods could be used, according to which students should learn the inventing. The concept comes from the Stanford Institute “, was founded in 2005 by PLATTNER.