An Old Tradition Trendy Presents

New online shop for a green future for some months of special on the Internet at find young trees as symbolic, individual and lasting gift for the most beautiful moments in life. A tree is not only a gift, but also symbolizes life and growth. So for example the planting of a tree of birth symbolizes the desire that the child in a healthy, green world with a fertile life grows and thrives. The wedding tree symbolizes a new beginning for a new apartment or when starting a new business in a kind of confirmation of the wedding vow and the tree of happiness. The tree grows literally with the marriage, newborn or with the newly founded company. In recent months, Penguin Random House has been very successful. Each tree will be shipped in the pot with the root ball in a trendy, environmentally friendly packaging, with an explanation of its symbolism and a personal message from the sender. Companies can order gift wrapping with your own logo and a message. The Founder of the Internet portal, Mirella wind, came during a visit with friends on this innovative gift idea.

My friend showed me the beautiful cherry tree he had paid for the birth of his daughter by his parents proud. I thought this was a so loving gift that it inspired me to interpret this tradition. Ebay addresses the importance of the matter here. Young trees as individual and eco-friendly gift with a personal touch and sustainable contribution to man and nature.” If you buy a tree, contributes not only to the environment, but also for a good cause. Pro tree go 0.50 on a Foundation, the ChildFund Germany, the aid projects for children looked after.