Advertising Agency Issues

Usually customers BTL-actions may not always correctly pose the problem of an advertising agency. The correct formulation of objectives, planning and control of BTL – events allow an advertiser to get maximum effect, and advertising agency did not lose a client. This article provides some recommendations as to the advertiser as well as for advertising agencies. Step number 1 – "Briefing" At this point we find out what the mechanics are planned. This may be distribution of leaflets, flyers, distribution or other promotional material, advice, a gift for buying, tasting or sampling. You should ask whether the customer agreed to the planned destination the campaign, it's called booking of (as a rule, all TC take a fee for conducting promotional and each has its own shopping center it, and if permission to conduct the customer does not, then the Republic of Armenia takes this feature in itself – so received many promotions agency in Yekaterinburg).

After that, we know the date of the promotion, the number of staff working hours, utochnyaemtrebovaniya a promotional form (dress code). In the advertiser is not always a clear idea of what people have to work and, especially, where all of this order form, so it is important to give the RA the client the right one that matches the surroundings, or take a production promo to form themselves. The advertiser wants to present their wares in the most favorable light, and the promoter during the promotion is the face of the campaign. Customer is important to draw attention to themselves and their goods, and in consequence to raise awareness and sales. So he waits by the RA responsible approach. Step number 2 – "Budgeting" After receiving all necessary information for us it is important to make an estimate.

Never be "greedy", since it can lead to the advertiser will simply refuse to work with you, because no one wants to overpay. For example, if you are running a promoter, it is inexpedient to put and supervisor and coordinator, is two control units controlled by one. Step number 3 – "Recruiting" Usually at this stage of RA comfortable casting, which invited a promotional staff and the customer (or his representative). He selects people who, in his opinion, suitable for use in promotions, and conducts training with them, in which he tells in detail about the action, makes recommendations, distributes informational materials and promotional form. Many advertisers are selected by staff photographs, which are based in the agency, or just trust the process the agency receiving the report only at the end of the action. Step number 4 – "Coordination of the project" during the promo – actions by the agency is strict control. Supevayzer as required drives up advertising, inspects the work of promoters, making photographs of each promoter in the workplace. In the event of force majeure (For example, a person is ill, can not go to work), the supervisor finds a replacement, for this supervisor should be the people who are ready at any moment to go to work. After the end of the supervisor provides a report. Stage Number 5 – "Financial Statements" This is the final step in the work. Agency (btl Ekaterinburg) provides reporting advertiser. As a rule, be sent by e-mail photos from places of employment promotion – staff. But there are complex shares, where the report is provided in the form of tables filled.