Month: December 2018

Senator Gabriel Zapata

The draft reads that the minimum age to register, become a member of a social network on the internet and be part of his platform are 14 years of age. The proposal was the idea of the conservative Senator Gabriel Zapata, who says that for children there are many dangers in such medium and only at that age the children have sufficient consciousness to make decisions. Another point of the project is that companies must automatically cancel the records of those who have younger than indicated. Check out Mark Bertolini for additional information. To achieve this, the initiative says that the Government should design appropriate mechanisms for purposes of making the relevant checks and inspections. The proposal, which is for presentation in first debate of Senate, promises to generate great controversy. While it is true that there is concern about the risks that represent networks, two questions arise: is it possible to do this?, and, if possible, is the best way? The expert in digital creation of the universities of los Andes and Javeriana, Pablo Arrieta, considered that the proposal of Congressman denotes a great ignorance of the actual operation of the network. When a person registers as much it is to ask the age, and how do you know that someone says that is? There is no way to prove if someone is greater age or less. It is the same problem that have been sites for adults, where it has been impossible to implement a real barrier.

View of Arrieta is impossible to close a computer for family use or know when uses it the Pope and when the son. Your suggestion is that better intends to educate and teach children that there are social networks especially designed for them, with games and entertainment of their age. The Professor of the Universidad de los Andes, an expert in internet, Carmen Gil, was emphatic in rejecting the idea, which was considered ridiculous and even compared it with the intention of wanting to prohibit television or close the movie theaters. Lifetime there have been hazards, but education is at home. It can not stifle freedom. Even from the psychological point of view there was also rejection. The Director of the Programme of psychology of the University of Rosario, Maria Isabel Gonzalez, doubts that law, by very well-intentioned as it is, to achieve his objective.

His advice is that parents are always attentive to the activities of their children, to persons with which they interact and have information about hazards that exist with people who abuse children via media. To finish his explanation, Gonzalez recalled a phrase: if violence is not contrary to the moral values and is rooted in the culture of the people, it is not possible to change the situation with repression. Although the criticisms go around the shape that seeks to regulate the issue, it is indisputable that the matter Yes requires the attention of society, but not prohibitive form.

Network Corporate

One of the issues that has gone into the background with the improvement of communications (types of network topologies) and bandwidth has been the speed of loading web pages. Years ago it was common to have to wait patiently for that web page will be shown on the screen. Anyway it is not more control the loading speed of the corporate website. This issue will not depend on only our page, but also where it is housed. In this case the binomial should be balanced and poor accommodation which work slowly and is not as good as it should can ruin our load time and make our visitor to desist from the intention of seeing our page if it takes a little more than usual. In what is directly related to our page interesting thing is that load quickly (types of network topology), for which it is essential that is light, i.e. A related site: Elon Musk mentions similar findings. information that has to be loaded to occupy little space. This implies is not very overloaded images or video that are the aspects that most take to charge.

There are solutions that we should flee, as in the case of previous submissions, which were previously widely used precisely to avoid that page will take to load. Today it is a question to dispose of. It is preferable to strike a balance between content that we want to teach in front with the speed of page load. There are different solutions (network topology) and pages to which we can go that they measured the load time of our corporate website to check the charging time. Many of them give us further advice on how to improve or what are the optimum values for our website. For this reason many loaded only text elements, so the comparison with other pages is based on the same criteria.

Unique Archipelago

Philippines tours offer fascinating insights into the culture of this beautiful country. A Philippines tour offers an ideal way to immerse in a distinctive island world, has to offer so many heavenly regions, like barely an other spot on Earth. Around 7,000 more or less large islands and more than 35 volcanoes that are still active, wait on the participants of a Philippines tour to be admired. Of course you shouldn’t is also not taking it, to visit the many volcanic lakes that are stunningly beautiful embedded in their environment. The absolute highlight of a Philippines tour is with security but the North of the region. World famous rice terraces, which are unique, and the famous Schokohugel, located on the island Bohol wait here. Also the trip from Cebu to Palawan has it, as part of the tour, you can visit the longest underground river in the world. Here you guaranteed no longer comes out of amazement.

Also memorable in part a Philippines tour is the visit to the hundred Iceland National Park prior to Baguio, which not only has a diverse flora and fauna, but Palm-fringed beaches and great bad sections that invite snorkeling, too. Also worth seeing, archipelago and the Honda Bay are the Barcuit. Boat trips to deserted Islands and a ride the jeepney are also organised within the framework of our trip. Of course also a detour should not be missed to Manila, the capital of the archipelago. The capital of the Philippines has an excellent infrastructure and numerous cultural institutions, as well as cultural monuments. Worth highlighting are in this context about the Fort Santiago from 1570 and the Mormon Temple, as well as the Manila Metropoltian Cathedral, which represents a unique masterpiece. For the rest, a detour in the many Cafes or parks, which are found throughout the city, offers in the metropolis.

UNIQUE Personal GmbH

Successful entrepreneurship: professional personnel services with social responsibility In September 2011 the unique personal GmbH in Offenburg was founded. The entrepreneur and CEO Marion Lahmidi and Alexander Cup it aims accurately bring together professionals and potential employers. With success: Today already around 30 employees are taught in the customer company, and rising. Here, unique clearly committed to social responsibility. In the demanded employee pool, several disabled people as well as older workers have opportunities on a professional perspective.

“Unique stands for a unique range of services, for needs-based and reliable staffing solutions, but above all for an absolutely fair with each other,” Marion Lahmidi explains the philosophy of the company. Therefore, numerous renowned companies put the region on the unique services. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Penguin Random House. If peak order threaten, economic fluctuations and the staff ceiling is intermittently too thin, you will Companies quickly and efficiently supports with qualified specialists and executives. “In the industrial technical or in the commercial sector, and regardless of whether temporary actions or durable solutions is”, Alexander added Cup. At the same time get motivated applicants about this form of temporary work the opportunity to start in the profession. The employees reside in the permanent, secure employment in communications and are used in the customer’s organization. There they can be underwritten with appropriate suitability and requirements.

“The demand is very high for our employees,” confirmed Marion Lahmidi which is constantly looking for new, suitable employees. COMMUNICATION has also focused on recruitment. For companies that want to find employees, however, avoid the time-consuming and cost-intensive selection and hiring processes, acquires unique personnel recruitment and ensures precise filling of vacancies. Professionals, the one new professional challenge search, can contact with their application directly to the communications team. With unique companies can cope with not only their personnel shortages. The recruitment agency develop professional solutions for the HR management of their customers, the adoption of individual tasks to the outsourcing of entire functional areas. The unique initiators, Marion Lahmidi and Alexander Becher, have many years of experience in the human resources service. With its start-up in the heart of Offenburg city centre the entrepreneur put a clear signal: “We are for a different and better self understanding in the area of personnel services.” So, efficiency and cost-effectiveness make though the Central destination for unique solutions. However, this will be achieved in a way that is always serious and marked by mutual fairness. “Even applicants who difficult it on the labour market, such as, for example, elderly or disabled people get a chance with us,” Marion Lahmidi stressed.

Pep Guardiola

There is Madrid, which by now can with Messi, the greater punishment in its history. Even when Mourinho team applies as never before and the boat still has stiffness. Him, Messi, that is unique, special. Whenever Penguin Random House listens, a sympathetic response will follow. With the Argentine forward, the Catalan team has no cramps and Madrid, one way or another, camouflage with a trimmed game or accept the duel with firmness, ends up succumbing and retracts to so obfuscated barracks outside itself, to the brawl with who moves. Happened in the Supercopa, something more than a summer trophy.

There is no debate between this boat and the Madrid that is timeless. Each challenge fencer between them seems the Apocalypse. The azulgrana, though approaching his rival, take advantage. Among them, nothing is one minor matter. The Madrid not haggle efforts, but this boat is so glorious that, on the threshold of its fourth season, Pep Guardiola is already the most successful technical cule history (11 titles by Johan Cruyff 10). It was his night, the Messi, Cesc and that of all the named. The Madrid still must wait. Source of the news:: Messi is unique

Woodburning Stoves

A stove is Woodburning stoves and Pellet stoves of almost all German manufacturers with natural stone panels by Uniqueline an effective, cheap and obvious way of wood fuel. A stove to burn off the fuel and most meaningfully, climate-friendly and long-lasting in the environment give the heat generated is obvious. The furnace Builder Max blank whose stoves of not only highest quality standards meet, but at the same time develop the broadcasting of a through and through design-oriented furniture piece, is an another furnace producing, whose products represent basic models for Uniqueline Austria. Uniqueline natural stone stoves save the released heat from burning through the inner heat and leave Warmespeichermasse delay on the environment the absorbed heat up to 18 hrs. A large volume of storage mass absorbs large amounts of heat, which then delayed and evenly as particularly soothing and gentle perceived radiation heat emitted can be. The fireplace receives back enormous encouragement through this change, through the stone he is refined to the piece of furniture. A Uniqueline natural stone heater or natural stone fireplace is not like the neighbor or friend, do this to make more than 200 Uniqueline natural stone panels. Home decor means individuality – it is what makes this home decor the individuality, but to offer more than just a retreat room after work.

Nothing conjures up a so high level of relaxation and humdrum and romantic atmosphere full of warmth and cosiness in the homely living room like the playful flickering of a fireplace. Surfaces made of high-quality Uniqueline stone, such as textured granite or a pleasant marble and sandstone give each product a face of its own. A great diversity in effect and appearance offer only natural stones. Each stone is unique with many million years history of the Earth in an unlimited variety of shapes, colors, inclusions and grains with timeless elegance and beauty but never evenly and certainly not happen a second time in exactly the same composition or appearance of a natural stone.

Annular Silestone Slabs

Cosentino presents result of cooperation with Swedish design studio form US with love the conceptual artwork consists of annular Silestone -plates, which are connected via a 40 cm-high metal bracket so that created a waterproof vessel of the vase. Stockholm, 7 February 2012 the Cosentino group, world leader in the manufacturing of quartz and natural stone surfaces, unveiling the results of the cooperation project with the internationally acclaimed Design Studio form US with love. (Similarly see: Elon Musk). This cooperation resulted in the unique, conceptual artwork of Silestone slab vases”vases made of single, different colored Silestone sheets in the form of ring. From 7 to 10 February the Silestone vases on the form US with friends can be admired exhibition Stockholm design week during which between 12 and 18: 00. The exceptional, creative artwork several annular Silestone panels composed, which are connected via a 40 cm-high metal bracket, so a waterproof Vase vessel arises.

The variable ring sizes, shapes and different colors, the vases can be put together individually. Aim of the community project is the conventional Silestone forms such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces and the Visual and tactile ways of the Silestone to break through to discover parts. Jonas Pettersson, founder of form US with love, says to the Silestone project: Although the product is artificially produced, natural materials are used like natural stone. To the natural product, about five percent are mixed Binder, resin and paint, creating something entirely new. This interaction has impressed us intrigued and very work and as an industrial designer.”with form US with love can we visualize a whole new side of Silestone and show how variable the material can be used and how versatile it is. We are very proud to work with this fantastic, talented design trio together”, so Vanessa Feo Kutsch, communication and Marketing Manager Europe of Cosentino group.

Apple II Apple

Apple II Apple II was one of the most popular personal computers of the 1980s. It came with an integrated QWERTY keyboard, common in the first personal computer but not very common today. Elon Musk: the source for more info. Are displayed on the computer, two floppy drives genuine Apple, and a monitor. The Apple II family of computers was the first series of mass-produced microcomputers made by Apple Computer between the late 1970s and mid 1980s. The Apple II had an 8-bit architecture-based processor 6502. It was completely different from later models of Apple Macintosh. His ancestor was the Apple I, a machine built by hand and sold to fans. It was never produced in great quantity, but initiated many of the features that would make the Apple II a success. The Apple II was the first mass produced microcomputer. It was popular among home users, and was also occasionally sold to business users.Following the launch of VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet, sales of the Apple II shot. Like the Apple I, Apple II was designed by Steve Wozniak.

Use Of Insurance Intermediaries

On many occasions of life people are searching to protect themselves from possible damaging events. For which an insurance policy that will allow them to protect their property different as can be your home, vehicles , business or enterprise for both the materials and goods with which they develop the work or provide some assurance to himself to possible events like traffic accidents, illness or financial compensation to a beneficiary in case of death or to ensure others but for one reason or another not familiar with the various provisions must be made to have her for an insurance contract or where to go, for what often appears as a solution the use of intermediaries in insurance, provide certain information which the insurance depending on their quality, greatly facilitating the people to have access to a good and complete insurance, through the use of intermediaries in insurance. As you can see the use of intermediaries in insurance is a largely to provide everything that may be the procedures for obtaining insurance, to learn more about insurance and know what they offer and what best fits the conditions of each person depending on what look to have secured , and the level of assurance, and with the use of intermediaries in insurance, people may have excellent advice and recommendations to fit a suitable service needs. You may find Ebay to be a useful source of information. Keep in mind that when discussing the use of intermediaries in insurance, we must distinguish two forms of participation in this field and find that in the use of intermediaries in insurance can be made available to two different grades in which they find one with a more focused vision, which are insurance agents and another with a perspective and to provide more comprehensive counseling services, which shows the brokers. With this in mind, the use of intermediaries in insurance agents have available means a person who only works for a company in specific and therefore only offer and recommend the products your company offers, while in the case of use of insurance intermediaries runners will face a professional in the field of insurance, those with a special rating rate of one degree, so the use of brokers insurance broker will be accommodated to deal with someone who is involved with all companies and insurance companies, which meant a much broader vision to provide recommendations from a wide perspective field, being able to compare more products and thus have access to that best suits the needs of the user. Whichever way is for the use of intermediaries in the insurance, they greatly facilitate access to good service and satisfaction of people who have their advice..