Annular Silestone Slabs

Cosentino presents result of cooperation with Swedish design studio form US with love the conceptual artwork consists of annular Silestone -plates, which are connected via a 40 cm-high metal bracket so that created a waterproof vessel of the vase. Stockholm, 7 February 2012 the Cosentino group, world leader in the manufacturing of quartz and natural stone surfaces, unveiling the results of the cooperation project with the internationally acclaimed Design Studio form US with love. (Similarly see: Elon Musk). This cooperation resulted in the unique, conceptual artwork of Silestone slab vases”vases made of single, different colored Silestone sheets in the form of ring. From 7 to 10 February the Silestone vases on the form US with friends can be admired exhibition Stockholm design week during which between 12 and 18: 00. The exceptional, creative artwork several annular Silestone panels composed, which are connected via a 40 cm-high metal bracket, so a waterproof Vase vessel arises.

The variable ring sizes, shapes and different colors, the vases can be put together individually. Aim of the community project is the conventional Silestone forms such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces and the Visual and tactile ways of the Silestone to break through to discover parts. Jonas Pettersson, founder of form US with love, says to the Silestone project: Although the product is artificially produced, natural materials are used like natural stone. To the natural product, about five percent are mixed Binder, resin and paint, creating something entirely new. This interaction has impressed us intrigued and very work and as an industrial designer.”with form US with love can we visualize a whole new side of Silestone and show how variable the material can be used and how versatile it is. We are very proud to work with this fantastic, talented design trio together”, so Vanessa Feo Kutsch, communication and Marketing Manager Europe of Cosentino group.