Month: November 2016

Courteous Hernn

It continues reading During the following days we were working with his mind, with his spirit, in such a way that account occurred that went a to be successful because was burned the ships, following the history of the conqueror of Mexico, Courteous Hernn. Histories worse than those of him that had finished in millionaires, people with very many less talent or bankruptcies with numbers of 6, 7, 8 or more numbers than knew to rise what Bird Fnix, and a change of absolute perspective was the constant by those days. Yes, really I did with him a work of motivation and training of customized spirit. You know what? From the moment that was convinced that it would obtain, that concentrated all their thought in which it was going to obtain, in its capacities and talents, instead of the previous defeat, I knew that there was no chance that it failed. And thus it was. Not only it recovered all the investment that had made and lost, had tripled but it. And that was only the principle of an accelerated, constant growth, not only in its finances, but in all the aspects of its life.

All we have the potential to make things similar, only that we concentrated ourselves in which we do not have, in the shortage (physical, mental and spiritual). For example, if you want to lower of weight: you all along do not concentrate in fat that you are, everything what you ate, all the diets in which you failed before, everything what you like to eat, the impossible thing that he is controlarte, etc, etc, etc. Without wanting, are giving your mind the material with which you live day to day. You think that it is possible to lower weight that? What would happen if you gave an optics him different from the situation? It does not mean that you are going to be an idiot positivista (as I call) that are those that is setting fire and continues insisting I am not burned, I do not burn myself, everything is peace, everything is love, but to the realistic positives: today I had an unexpected result or wished but that will not leave me in the way: I am going to concentrate itself in my objective, I am going to trust my talents, am going away to rise every time it is necessary but I am going to obtain THIS! It is not a secret that this one is the attitude of any victor. You, in what place you want to be? Whereupon type of thoughts you feed your mind every day? I invite to you to that if you also have some commentary, reflection or critic that can complete my answer, or want to share something with me or the other suscriptos, to you place that it underneath this article.

Anthropological Analysis

ANTHROPOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF A MEDIA PRODUCTION OF TOBACCO OF THE CAMEL CAMPAIGN AD 1. Analysis of explicit of the text ad presents a character, Joe Camel (camel) as absolute protagonist, appears in the central part of the announcement. At the top appears the text presented in vivid colors, with a predominance of yellow and red, on a blue background, which recalls the fire and heat (in the lighted camel legs) passion, pleasure. There is no rigid forms, the letters are irregular, asymmetrical (no rules) that prints a character of informality, independence, adventure, breaking of rules. Shows us a camel falling horrified since a very high skyscrapers and with your mouth open. The perspective and the decision made to see buildings that has around. It is a stunning, spectacular, image that represents an extreme situation. He called the viewer’s attention by its originality.

The keyword that appears first message ever, conveys a message of imperatividad, with enfatizadora intention and membership. In the central part of the listing, you can see the logo of the brand on the left side. At the bottom of the advertisement, printed in ordinary, on a white background and occupying a fraction of the total space, the compulsory legal slogan: Las authorities health warn that tobacco seriously damages health.. The Camel, the brand word appears in the message. Does not appear at any time, cigarette or tobacco package, so that a very common strategy is used to advertise products that are prohibited or harmful: speaks of them through symbolic images, which, when not the product, not them can be accused of infringing the law. Tobacco ads are deliberately target group youth and adolescents. Camel is the international cigarette in the United States, of integral flavor, preferred by men believed to be people independent and sure of themselves and who practice an individualistic lifestyle.

Network Marketing

It’s funny how history repeats itself over and over again and the majority do not learn the lesson!! Already more than 30 years ago that one of the Network Marketing of nutritional products companies began and how any pioneering company had its challenges before a high growth, but they also had problems (there were people who even intoxico with products) had strong claims so many started questioned that you as could recommend products with so many problems. Hence the phrase that if everyone had Vision would all be rich because? Because today in countries that are in Crisis, there are people who followed in that company and earn unspeakable sums of money, without employees, without heads, without schedules, without heavy fixed costs this is the case of many people also in other MLM companies that earn a lot of money. The curiosity is that all have the same pattern of behavior, they had strong challenges in the beginning, but his VISION allowed them stand firm, and today harvested big. Instead many people who threw the towel because they panicked in the face problems nowadays live a depressing life where still complaining of the Economic Crisis, the Chief of the employee, the Government, etc. Curious huh? He said the famous philosopher business Jim Rohn the crisis is not in the economy, is in philosophy, but many people prefer the security of failure that the probability of success. If something can be insurance is that in a business or traditional activity we have insured the failure and have 400 years of proof for those who remain skeptical before this comment. Otherwise as you explain that 5% of the population have 95% of the money in the world? Wealth is not equitably distributed. Is people who think that there is no money in the world and is the reason why lack a lot of the, but worldwide surplus money, be them could distributed equally to all everyone would be millionaires is this fair? So if you want to change your particular world have to enter if or if in the new era of information, trade in Network Marketing, as it is global momentous change looming (that is already here) do you say it? are you so busy in failing that you don’t have time to be successful? I hope that if it is not, and you have the vision necessary congratulations!! but keep in mind that: vision if it is not combined with work, dedication and discipline you not carried anywhere gives equal business network you choose, first: Capacitate and spend time and effort insurance so gradually change the State of your accounts and your freedom in every way!!.