Month: May 2018

Colonial Mercantilism States

Thus ‘ ‘ merchandise humana’ ‘ it enriched the State and the Church that the Colonial Mercantilism supported and expanded that objectified economically to fortify the governments of the national States of the Europe Occidental person. The Mercantilhismo Colonial or Mercantile Colonialismo, is about a set of economic practical ideas and that characterize European economic history, and mainly, economic policy of the European Modern States during the situated period between scs. Source: Brian Krzanich. VX and XVIII. The defenders of the Mercantilhismo gave importance to the foreign commerce, had themselves to be exported to the maximum and to be mattered little. To guarantee and to extend the foreign commerce, the European monarchies had adopted a series of principles and practical that they protected its respective Colonies of covet of the others harness. Thus the colony, Brazilian alone could deal with its Portugal metropolis.

Such commitment was called colonial pact. Of general way, with the end of the Feudalismo, the consolidation appears of the national States and new practical economic a Mercantilhismo that it aimed at to accumulate wealth, to raise the production and circulation of merchandises, being involved the intervention of the State. For the o development of these practical mercantilistas, had been essential the commercial expansion and the domination of the Colonies, therefore they represented new markets and new producing regions of substances manufactured cousins and purchasers of. In summary, is with Settling of America that the Europe, in special Portugal, surpasses the crisis of century XIV, and consolidates States National with exploration of colonies, implantation of System Escravista, what later it gave origin to the Slave Traffic, that became it bigger lucrative source for the Europeans, the human gold. Finally the accumulation of original capital that was basic in the phase of transistion of the Feudalismo for the Capitalism, alicerado for the Colonial Mercantilhismo, economic base of the State Absolutist.