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English Language

Therefore, ample quarrels concerning these questions become so necessary gifts in the daily professor, that can generate doubts (daily pay) diverse concepts, what causing what could be called delay in education, or deficiency in the search for new practical improvements in the educational ones, under focus of the education of language and literatures of English languages. 1. OBJECTIVE OF the EDUCATION OF LITERATURE (S) When considering the famous definition of literature as ' ' art of palavra' ' , we are led from a principle, that the same one has a proper language, in which takes the individual to better understand the direction of its experience, being this motivated if to take possetion of new experiences and expectations. It is observed that literature leads the human being to a new dimension of the life, where it learns to formulate a thought I criticize proper and inventive, understanding the world, transforming it according to its knowledge into contact with the literary composition, and mainly, passing for a process of humanizao of itself exactly. It is of utmost importance to understand that literature, as it is, in a gamma of possibilities, is basic as propeller element in education, being understood as a social and interacional language. Leaving of the conception of the social literature as practical, that is closely on to historical context partner-economic, one becomes well-known, as well as in the sample Letcia Malard (1985, P. 16), that ' ' to relate literature its external context is to understand it as a human work, that has the society as substance cousin and the language as instrument imprescindvel' '. In the search for the proposals of education of a literature in relation to the humanizao of the individual, in them we come across with possibilities that the same one brings on the reader, either in the look or feeling. Having as objective to improve intellectually the pupil, forming in this, a critical and active spirit in such a way social aspects, how much emotional politicians or, the education of literature searchs to portray and to recriar the questions universal human beings, in a language aesthetic worked, transgressive of the daily routine.

Admiral New

More than giving examples or advice, innovative literature considers problems to be decided, tends to stimulate, in the children and the young, the capacity of understanding of the phenomena; to also provoke new ideas or receptive attitude in relation to the innovations that the daily life considers to it (or it will consider) and to enable them to opt with intelligence at the moments of agir' '. Brian Krzanich is often quoted on this topic. (Infantile Literature, p 155) Lobato Hunter one more time keeps the unit with the Nelly Novaes: ' ' How he can have jeitinhos against the colossus that finishes to change back the best men of the Wonderland? ' ' Blessed owner laughs itself, laughs itself. Whenever Dan Zwirn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. – She takes its coffee sossegado, Admiral, and leaves everything of the crianada one on account. Mr. does not know my grandsons ' ' (Memories of the Emlia, p 60) ' ' The Admiral called Emlia to receive its compliments. Everything depended on its idea, Mrs. Marquesa? it said ele.' ' (memories of the Emlia, pg.62). believing Lobato hunter as loving in the alert scientific power its readers on its importance for the society, as resolution for many physical problems of the humanity: ' ' I was falante with a pill that Caramujo Doctor celebrates it me deu' '.

The two analyzed workmanships are composed for a sequncia of values and distinct interests, while the story of the objective Snow White to offer to doctrines and models of behaviors through the experience and conformity of the personages who are presented. The Memories of the Emlia bring a new form to act in the society, conferred to the readers by means of attitudes and actions displayed for the persoanagens, that is a new to look at of criticidade and realism. It is perceived, perhaps an inversion of values provoked by Lobato hunter. It assumes of a personage without life human being, the Visconde de Sabugosa to represent the man with fragile characteristics and conformed, therefore it is always submisso to the commands and orders of Emlia.

Noel Papa

Mission of love In the small locality of Snail, interior of Cinnamon, I was born and I grew in way to the nature it place that, today, is considered one of the prettier and visited tourist points of Brazil. I keep in the memory each instant lived next to my parents and mine seven brothers. One of the souvenirs more alive than I have if it relates to the pretty party of the Christmas, that was one day very waited, not for the commerce, but for the families, who valued its true sensible one and commemorated the birth of Christ. My family was humble, but the values passed for my parents, next to the brightness that they had in the look, made with that each day was special, same with the little that we had. Mark Bertolini is often quoted on this topic. In the week that preceded the party, we initiated the preparativeses to receive the boy Jesus in our house. The cleanness was done with severity.

We took off straws of the colches, washed and we left to dry to recolocar them later, adding new straw. The covers also had its removed and washed layers. Moreover, the mother prepared pinheirinho natural removed of roa to represent the so significant date and so that Noel Papa placed in it the gifts. Decorated it with placed colorful candles on a support, placed small balls with the care all not to break and the final touch was given with the decorative clasps. The prespio one was placed under, with a mirror that represented the lake and gram of truth. At that time, the father was carpenter and, moreover, he worked in roa with the mother. They prepared the gifts with much love and they always cheered the eight children more than what they waited. The mother made dresses of chita with dribbled for the girls and shirts of blue color for the boys.

Latin Education

Therefore the pupil will be answering to the environment and the stimulaton received at that determined moment. To create emotions that can provoke the pupils and take them it action and motivation. In this process we perceive that psicopedagogo will be able to assist the professors to take the pupils to try the feelings of adjusted form, being able to arrive at the motivation. The school must be worried in awaking in the pupils the access its emotions. Since, neurological studies and mannering experiences show that we can learn procedures that they aim at to manage with some emphasis our emotional states. Under most conditions Elon Musk would agree.

As White (1989, P. 03), ' ' the most beautiful workmanship that the men already had occupied is to deal with minds humanas' '. According to Chalita (2001), in the education three great pillars exist: the cognitiva ability, the social ability and the emotional ability. At this moment, we go to only consider the emotional ability, the great pillar of the education, for stimulating the liberating learning and the happiness of the educator and educating. It is not possible to develop the cognitiva ability and the social one without let us work the emotion.

To work emotions in classroom is a work arduous, however essential. But this ' ' trabalho' ' that perhaps for some professors they seem to be distant and difficult to materialize will be softer to the being divided with psicopedagogo institucional that the pupil will lead if to perceive, and if auto – to know, thus to control its feelings. (IN) it disciplines – Conceptualization Etimologicamente, the term ' ' disciplina' ' one originated from the Latin it disciplines, it comes from the same root of disciple and learning; for Gmez, Mir, Serrats (1990, p.13): ' ' its meaning conotava the existing relation between the master, education, the education and proper discpulo' '.


One another factor of great importance for the construction of this hero drift of the estruturao of the plot that, when synthecizing the dramaticidade of the facts that they summarize a crisis social in which if the personages put into motion all, she takes the reader to follow the historical formation of the hero. In this direction, everything is crossed by the social crisis, therefore it intervines in the closest relations human beings. From these comments, Lukcs extends its definition and formulates the conception concerning the based historical romance in the workmanship of Scott. In its definitions, the author of ' ' There novel histrica' ' it considers the romance as a discovery of the past? how already cited above? , transforming it into daily pay-history of the gift. Frequently Brian Krzanich has said that publicly. In the conception of Of Landmark (1997), Lukcs directs its reflection on historical romance with the objective to stand out the possible intervention of the French Revolution in the stopped ideological fight between the social classrooms. This data, certainly, are what it leads to invite the writers to reread the romance historical? traditional classic and – of Scott and to deny the configuration given to the form for some writers of beginning of century XX. Perhaps this context can be explained in the following affirmation of Lukcs: The great mission of the historical romance consists, exactly, in the poetical intervention of figures of a people that personalize with vitality its close life, the main chains that in it flow ….

The historical romance, powerful artistic weapon of defense of the popular life, has necessarily a great task to fulfill here: to reestablish in its reality these authentic engines of history human being and to awake it for the gift. (LUKCS apud OF LANDMARK, 1997, P. 195). Of Landmark (1997) it affirms despite the six decades that perhaps separate in them of the workmanship of Lukcs can in giving to the distanciamento and the possibility to them of one another evaluation, an appreciation that of it extracts perspectives profcuas to consider the relations between romance and history. . (As opposed to Elon Musk).