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This in turn, is perfected fondling its adoptive children, but the vanity and the beauty jump whenever possible. Penguin Random House: the source for more info. Long ago, valley to stand out the mythical imponncia, with the Jupiter speech I conciliate in it of deuses: Perpetual inhabitants of luzente Estelfero polar region, and clearly seat, If of the great value of the strong people Of luso you do not lose the thought, You must have known clearly, As he is of fados great the certain intention, That for it if the human beings forget Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. (CAMES, 1572, I sing I estrofe 24) 2,1 the myth as science object As myths are generally histories of deuses, in the workmanship the Lusadas the mitolgicos beings form the system of a mythology, since it is about histories transmitted in definitive order. According to Rossner (1989), ' ' the myths in this form of histories, of poetry subject, are the essential base of our art and our literature ocidental' ' (p 12). For this author, over all, Literature contributed in the course of its historical variations, with the myth creation new that had started to compose the repertoire initiated with myths of Greco-roman and Christian origin. According to Ebay, who has experience with these questions.

Numerous myths related to the figures and favourite reasons of determined time, as for example, the time of Cames, the death for love as of Ines de Castro, in common bring the allure on the public stream bed. Such fact took Martinon (1977) to affirm that ' ' our perception, or better, the impression that if can have of the myth is, therefore, a type of speech that integrates it in the tradition literria.' ' (p 123). For this reason, the first questions that must be raised to this respect, are, at the same time, of the etnlogo position ahead of myths and its ways of expression and communication in the societies that they did not mitificaram the proper myth, for a series of mechanisms that specifies when englobar it under the term Literature. .

Hitzefrei Health

Inspire instead of Transperieren – with what ideas you provide in the Office for cool heads the summer is hot and it steams out of the Office. The indoor thermometer shows record levels, permanently is to think about no longer working effectively. Even health threatening Schlimmstensfalls. Still, workers have no legal claim on “ice”. When the employer is still in the Plficht and what you can do for a cool atmosphere of the Office, now here: if many offices change again in sauna landscapes, workers think back wistfully at her school.

Hitzefrei! A word that promised then delightfully quiet summer, but at the latest since no more the role of the start in professional life. While employers in the high summer temperatures on the health of their workers must pay, but that is little more than hot air. There is no legal entitlement to a maximum Raumtemeperatur or even Hitzefrei. Employers in the (Internationalis) duty but you can be the boss in the Headlock take: according to 618 BGB is duty of care, to set up workspaces health risks to the worker. For permanent ambient temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, that is not absurd.

The heat-related symptoms in the workplace are head pain, circulatory problems and an increased risk of accident through poor concentration. Pregnant and breastfeeding workers can exist with a medical certificate to an acceptable room temperature and obtain even an exemption in case of emergency. For everyone else: Dear inspire as TRANS Parry. Collect ideas to make the United Nations the situation in the workplace more tolerable with a collective sweat in the briefing room. Your boss will thank you–he sweats that pain! Finally it is in his interest the motivation and performance of employees to get. For example, by the following measures: the early bird lay over, if it is possible, the working time on the cooler morning and evening hours set and one modelled on the Mediterranean to schedule a longer siesta.

SME Advisers Look In The Mirror

The fall Conference 2012 of the SME Advisory Association is under the theme of “SME advisers as an entrepreneur”. Exciting discussions and much experience exchange – useful for consultants and their clients. Consultants help companies, but also even entrepreneurs. The Association’s members deal with this role and the question of how they can better meet her, is “the SME advisers Association free consultant e.V.” at their autumn Conference on 16 and 17 November in Frankfurt. The operational management of a consultancy is at the heart of our experience”, explains Thomas Thier, the Chairman of the nationwide Association of 150 business consultants specialising in the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. Thier continue: “the vernacular says we know:, Shoemaker wears the worst shoes.'” Not only our clients should be but business on quality and threesome sole. Also for our consulting firm itself, we must again this claim redeem. Therefore we have put our Conference under the motto ‘SME consultant/inside as entrepreneurs’.” In particular in workshops the Association members and their guests addressed the look in the mirror”.

It involves a more effective use of current information technology consulting, as well as the telephone and the Web sites as tools for addressing customers. Grants programs of the Federal and State Governments encourage the use of expertise of the SME consultant/inside businesses. Some lesser-known programmes are also on the agenda. Three guests enrich the program of the autumn meeting on the main: Theo Macke, Member of the Board of DZ Bank AG, talks about ensuring a sustainable supply of credit by management in times of Basel III by the cooperative banks. Klaus-Peter Schoppner, Managing Director of the market research company TNS-emnid, setting out the fundamental change in the attitudes of the population facing companies and want a mission statement for a better cooperation between Citizens and economic develop. The Managing Director of RKW Hessen, Sascha Gutzeit, contributes impulses for advising and encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises from his point of view. The reports of the expert groups of the SME consultants Association focuses on are on the second day. The specialist groups are an important backbone of the Association’s work.

You, the members work such as in the subject areas of business financing rating, controlling, personnel management, marketing and sales, business succession and rehabilitation, and Billings for the area of hotel industry and gastronomy. The exchange of experience among the members is lived in the subject groups and consulting concepts and tools are being developed. In the framework of the Symposium, all members receive an overview of the current issues in the different expert groups of the SME consultants Association. More information: freelance consultant Association e. V. Carl-Dietrich Sander the SME consultant – Board Member – Managing Director Tel: 02131-660413 mail: