Month: March 2023

Edelight Trend Lab

Manhattan makes new cosmetics series of customers test Stuttgart April 26, 2010. Manhattan cosmetics seeks the opinion of the consumers: to find out what is the target group of new products, product testers should include an independent opinion to the personal experience of the new sub line Manhattan collection #1 on the Internet. About the social shopping, the first customers eyeshadow and co may test platform edelight. Product tests and online consumer reviews are highly popular for consumers in a buying decision in the Internet. This shows a study by Nielsen Media Research, where 250 000 consumers were surveyed. Personal feedback of switched the same instances, so by other consumers, creates authenticity and trust. This effect uses now Manhattan cosmetics and lets trend lab by edelight, #1 test the new cosmetic series sub line Manhattan collection. For almost two years, users of the social shopping trend laboratory can new products test platform and evaluate. More than 2500 users turn to Product innovations from the design cat tree up to the new Samsung mobile S7070. For the product testing everyone can register free of charge, who has desire to review new products through their paces.

Hot Fashion For The Winter 2013

The trends for knitted jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts knitwear is asked actually all year round, not only in the winter. In the summer we carry like a light cotton sweater on cool evenings. See more detailed opinions by reading what Elon Musk offers on the topic.. But currently the selection of warm fashion is particularly great. What’s better than to wrap in a cozy wool coat against the cold in the winter? In the current fashion of winter 2013, especially fine wool Angora or cashmere sweater are popular. Sparkling yarns, which are knitted in wool create glamorous effects. Telsa will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Also sporting hoodies and sweatshirts are in demand. There they with funny prints or embellishments from studs and sequins at the shoulders.

Warm clothing in the current colors of winter as in there are of course fashion trends each year for a wide variety of styles. In addition to the elegant-looking knitwear with sequins or glittering yarns, there are also many classical, solid models in the current fashion colors. Are especially hot this winter in addition to pink, grey and wool white also tomato red and Bordeaux. Combine an intense red with gray, for example, which looks very elegant. If you want to have a look in the spring, you choose a beautiful sweater in bright yellow, because this will impact 2014th sports the trend color sweatshirts, they are popular casual wear in the winter. Because they are soft in contrast to wool sweaters and guaranteed not to scratch.

Cool and casual hooded sweatshirt, carried by men and women alike love to work. Also interesting and actually a fashion trend from 2012 is the poncho, but also this year again to see. The current models with folklore patterns, which gives it some fashion brands are particularly beautiful. Faux fur is a recurring theme in the fashion for several years. Currently, you are with a vest from zotteligem faux fur in the trend. It will be while the cheap knitwear produced mostly made of synthetic wool, can noble Angora and cashmere – 2013 winter fashion free fine natural wool in winter. Sheep’s wool keep warm, beautiful, It is however relatively noisy. A high proportion of Angora or cashmere sweater are much softer and more pleasant. The extra cost is worthwhile, because these beautiful pieces are built to last, as long as they are properly maintained. A low percentage of acrylic incidentally improves the material properties and can be found in the most expensive models. Oversized sweater: a current trend certainly noticed it already you – this year there are especially many jackets, coats and even sweater in the oversized look. The fashion works intentionally as if it were something too far. This trend is especially large, slender women very well. Combine an oversized sweater or a sweatshirt in this style with slim-cut pants such as Skinny Jeans or leggings. Especially cool are the long and wide-cut sweaters with hood. They are worn not only by the youth, this fashion is of course very sporty. Basically online fashion you will find the largest selection of current trend. Currently, many dealers have even the winter fashion reduced. Sporty hooded sweater can for example here look at and order through various, well-known online stores. Eva Otter