Month: July 2016

CDU Parliamentary Group Would Like To Thank Dr. Jurgen Ruttgers

No groundbreaking in the classic sense passes grant Doppersberg was for the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. But when this morning visited the construction site for the reconstruction of the Doppersbergs NRW Premier Dr. Jurgen Ruttgers (CDU) and with a push of a button for a video screen gave the go-ahead for the project, it was clear: the Doppersberg is determined. The CDU-led Government of the country is in difficult times to Wuppertal. She has kept their word and allows the grant of EUR 65 million, that the central city development project in Wuppertal will be implemented. “This day is also impressive confirmation of the persistent use of Mayor Peter Jung (CDU), the so to speak with skin and hair ‘ has dedicated the Doppersberg”, commented the Wuppertaler CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon the today’s ceremony. We are pleased of course whenever our Prime Minister to guest in Wuppertal, Germany.

Today, his visit was still slightly prefer us as at other opportunities”, as Simon. The CDU Bundestag Group Chairman expressed the hope that all Wupper Valley gutters and Wuppertal are behind the project Doppersberg. Those who say that with the money budgeted for the conversion you could finance such a free school lunch, runs naked populism – and against his better judgement. The country’s 65 million euro are earmarked and may be issued only for the Doppersberg. Had we so today does not get the grant, then our hometown had to renounce 65 million the whole. Then, she had because a penny get.”the reconstruction of the Doppersbergs will change decisively the face of our city – and to the positive.

The entrance to our city is this beautiful. The tireless use of also the CDU Bundestag group for this project has been worth it. We have eased the temptation to beat us in the bushes and right to give the populist critics of the project. The CDU parliamentary group in the Valley, our Mayor Peter Jung and Minister-President Jurgen Ruttgers have kept the course. Wuppertal has the profit thereof.”

Largest Car Market

Local manufacturing 2007 to more than 11.5 million is becoming a factor of success for emerging Bonn/Essen, which increased demand for cars in the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). China becomes the world’s largest car market. The above-average growth rates are a result of the tightening of the domestic economy and the dynamic development of the income. And also establishing its own production in the emerging economies is becoming a success factor. These are the results of a recent study on global growth markets of the Essen marketing research and consulting firm R.

L. Polk. According to analysis by Polk showed the car markets in India and Russia once again rapid growth rates of 11 and 31 percent, respectively. The Chinese car market led the Quartet with nearly six million vehicles in 2007, followed by Russia, which has crossed the two million mark for the first time. Lead in particular significantly increased incomes as a result of the robust economic development and the improved possibilities of vehicle financing to the strong growth in the markets.

In the coming years be can the BRIC countries to develop positively and settle many established markets in terms of demand for cars”, said Gunnar Gaedke, consultant of market analysis, planning & forecasting at the consulting firm of Essen. For the development of the manufacturer, the importance of local production as an important success factor out have crystallized. As a result to show that the former dominance of the domestic manufacturers like LADA in Russia or Maruti in India will breached by massive investment in new production facilities for foreign companies. In the long term only every third vehicle will be produced by domestic manufacturers. Polk’s market researchers are convinced that the current development in the future will continue. By the year 2015, demand in the four markets will rise and only ten years more than doubled on over 20 million cars. A majority of the vehicles sold will fall on the low-cost segment, the the In the BRIC markets, entry into the motorized world allow first-time buyers. This development will not without consequences for the automotive nation”Germany remain, so the emerging markets expert Jorg Peisert. In the long term is to be expected with a downsizing in the automotive sector. This can compensate for only Germany, by the German manufacturers increasingly invest in technical innovations. As for premium vehicles in emerging markets about 60,000 new jobs arising from stronger demand estimates by experts in Germany. If the auto industry remains on an important job engine in this country, will depend greatly, to what extent the entry into emerging markets succeed in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and co..”

ITB Berlin

Vacation in Germany: diverse and varied as some Europe trip never was he so important as it is today, as cheap as they are today, so easy to book as it is today – and most importantly: as varied as it is today. The holiday is one of the main concerns of the Germans, and rising. Anyone looking for special conditions, such as family-friendly offerings on seniors hotels tailored to, or handicapped-accessible houses, has the large selection by clicking. And easier manages the holiday search with the \”mobile Web\”, the Internet via mobile phone. At the ITB Berlin 2010 was dedicated to an exhibition area with presentations of tourism and mobility industries for the \”mobile travel services\” for the first time. Active holidays is, as in the previous year, a strong trend for travelers of all ages: cycling and mountain biking, hiking and Nordic walking are offered particularly in European destinations and tourism associations in a wide range.

Alone tours of the cycle path networks in Germany and the European cycling routes range several times around the globe. Sport and Leisure activities are offered in all variations for each season. Whether sailing or diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, walking or hiking – the range is huge. Winter sports are there in every German holiday region, and at the highest level. Enjoy & relax is a popular term and not only for the Rockies applicable, because just in the area it is worth in any case to check holiday offers in the country.

Whether you now want extreme climbing, horseback riding, biking or hiking – galore for every taste and requirement there are and suggestions. The Republic is criss-crossed by hiking – and cycling routes, and you must not long seek offers for the latest and trendiest sports on water, on land or in the air. Due to the excellent natural ratio in Germany, there are numerous nature reserves and parks, providing special holidays with unique discovery tours.

Book Fans Flock

Borders Books Closing: Liquidation Sales Start Today. She said I do not have books to study not even at home. Everything is done electronic and anything else I need I search and download from the internet. In total amazement I said goodbye and stumbled from the bus when I reached my destination. Borders She said I do not have books to study not even at home. Everything is done electronic and anything else I need I search and download from the internet. In total amazement I said goodbye and stumbled from the bus when I reached my destination.

Borders shoppers said they will turn to the nearby Barnes & Noble in the Smith Haven Mall plaza when they have the urge to browse books. Borders fans, however, will find no sympathy across the street. Many Barnes and noble shoppers told Patch She said I do not have books to study not even at home. Everything is done electronic and anything else I need I search and download from the internet. In total amazement I said goodbye and stumbled from the bus when I reached my destination. Borders