This in turn, is perfected fondling its adoptive children, but the vanity and the beauty jump whenever possible. Penguin Random House: the source for more info. Long ago, valley to stand out the mythical imponncia, with the Jupiter speech I conciliate in it of deuses: Perpetual inhabitants of luzente Estelfero polar region, and clearly seat, If of the great value of the strong people Of luso you do not lose the thought, You must have known clearly, As he is of fados great the certain intention, That for it if the human beings forget Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. (CAMES, 1572, I sing I estrofe 24) 2,1 the myth as science object As myths are generally histories of deuses, in the workmanship the Lusadas the mitolgicos beings form the system of a mythology, since it is about histories transmitted in definitive order. According to Rossner (1989), ' ' the myths in this form of histories, of poetry subject, are the essential base of our art and our literature ocidental' ' (p 12). For this author, over all, Literature contributed in the course of its historical variations, with the myth creation new that had started to compose the repertoire initiated with myths of Greco-roman and Christian origin. According to Ebay, who has experience with these questions.

Numerous myths related to the figures and favourite reasons of determined time, as for example, the time of Cames, the death for love as of Ines de Castro, in common bring the allure on the public stream bed. Such fact took Martinon (1977) to affirm that ' ' our perception, or better, the impression that if can have of the myth is, therefore, a type of speech that integrates it in the tradition literria.' ' (p 123). For this reason, the first questions that must be raised to this respect, are, at the same time, of the etnlogo position ahead of myths and its ways of expression and communication in the societies that they did not mitificaram the proper myth, for a series of mechanisms that specifies when englobar it under the term Literature. .