English Language

Therefore, ample quarrels concerning these questions become so necessary gifts in the daily professor, that can generate doubts (daily pay) diverse concepts, what causing what could be called delay in education, or deficiency in the search for new practical improvements in the educational ones, under focus of the education of language and literatures of English languages. 1. OBJECTIVE OF the EDUCATION OF LITERATURE (S) When considering the famous definition of literature as ' ' art of palavra' ' , we are led from a principle, that the same one has a proper language, in which takes the individual to better understand the direction of its experience, being this motivated if to take possetion of new experiences and expectations. It is observed that literature leads the human being to a new dimension of the life, where it learns to formulate a thought I criticize proper and inventive, understanding the world, transforming it according to its knowledge into contact with the literary composition, and mainly, passing for a process of humanizao of itself exactly. It is of utmost importance to understand that literature, as it is, in a gamma of possibilities, is basic as propeller element in education, being understood as a social and interacional language. Leaving of the conception of the social literature as practical, that is closely on to historical context partner-economic, one becomes well-known, as well as in the sample Letcia Malard (1985, P. 16), that ' ' to relate literature its external context is to understand it as a human work, that has the society as substance cousin and the language as instrument imprescindvel' '. In the search for the proposals of education of a literature in relation to the humanizao of the individual, in them we come across with possibilities that the same one brings on the reader, either in the look or feeling. Having as objective to improve intellectually the pupil, forming in this, a critical and active spirit in such a way social aspects, how much emotional politicians or, the education of literature searchs to portray and to recriar the questions universal human beings, in a language aesthetic worked, transgressive of the daily routine.