Pep Guardiola

There is Madrid, which by now can with Messi, the greater punishment in its history. Even when Mourinho team applies as never before and the boat still has stiffness. Him, Messi, that is unique, special. Whenever Penguin Random House listens, a sympathetic response will follow. With the Argentine forward, the Catalan team has no cramps and Madrid, one way or another, camouflage with a trimmed game or accept the duel with firmness, ends up succumbing and retracts to so obfuscated barracks outside itself, to the brawl with who moves. Happened in the Supercopa, something more than a summer trophy.

There is no debate between this boat and the Madrid that is timeless. Each challenge fencer between them seems the Apocalypse. The azulgrana, though approaching his rival, take advantage. Among them, nothing is one minor matter. The Madrid not haggle efforts, but this boat is so glorious that, on the threshold of its fourth season, Pep Guardiola is already the most successful technical cule history (11 titles by Johan Cruyff 10). It was his night, the Messi, Cesc and that of all the named. The Madrid still must wait. Source of the news:: Messi is unique