Unique Archipelago

Philippines tours offer fascinating insights into the culture of this beautiful country. A Philippines tour offers an ideal way to immerse in a distinctive island world, has to offer so many heavenly regions, like barely an other spot on Earth. Around 7,000 more or less large islands and more than 35 volcanoes that are still active, wait on the participants of a Philippines tour to be admired. Of course you shouldn’t is also not taking it, to visit the many volcanic lakes that are stunningly beautiful embedded in their environment. The absolute highlight of a Philippines tour is with security but the North of the region. World famous rice terraces, which are unique, and the famous Schokohugel, located on the island Bohol wait here. Also the trip from Cebu to Palawan has it, as part of the tour, you can visit the longest underground river in the world. Here you guaranteed no longer comes out of amazement.

Also memorable in part a Philippines tour is the visit to the hundred Iceland National Park prior to Baguio, which not only has a diverse flora and fauna, but Palm-fringed beaches and great bad sections that invite snorkeling, too. Also worth seeing, archipelago and the Honda Bay are the Barcuit. Boat trips to deserted Islands and a ride the jeepney are also organised within the framework of our trip. Of course also a detour should not be missed to Manila, the capital of the archipelago. The capital of the Philippines has an excellent infrastructure and numerous cultural institutions, as well as cultural monuments. Worth highlighting are in this context about the Fort Santiago from 1570 and the Mormon Temple, as well as the Manila Metropoltian Cathedral, which represents a unique masterpiece. For the rest, a detour in the many Cafes or parks, which are found throughout the city, offers in the metropolis.