Friction And Tires

Sometimes car drivers are given the following question: "Which to choose tires – studded or friction tires. It depends on the conditions under which will be operated by car and on the personal preferences of car owners. And those other tire wear-resistant and have high performance. But knowing their distinctive features, you will be much easier to choose the type of tire that suits your needs. Studded tires: 1. Most preferred for driving on icy roads.

Especially good for the country roads, or if you live near the coast, where roads are often covered with ice or groomed snow. 2. On studded tires easier to maneuver in the icy yards, especially with the slight rise, or if you have installed on your machine automatic transmission. 3. Studded tires are better suited for most novice drivers who have little training in condition of pavement due to a lack of experience. Friction (neshipuemye) Bus: 1. Friction tires really perform well on snowy roads, as well as on the asphalt without ice cover and compacted snow.

2. Use caution at intersections and in similar places where the roadway is covered with a thin layer of ice or groomed snow. Under these conditions, studded tires are preferred. 3. If you need tires that are less noisy, then your choice – friction tires, they are less noisy. But most importantly, do not forget about safety. 4. Friction tires can be installed before, for example, in the autumn (and removed later – in the spring) on the car, thereby reducing the probability of falling in the snow or frost on the summer tires. 5. Not recommended for use friction tires, as all season. Since these tires are soft and easily washed at high temperatures, not to mention that they are much worse than a good summer tires, "keep the road" at high speeds in dry and hot weather. If you install all winter (especially new) car tires will be worse administered on dry roads than in summer tires. And so also winter tires noisier, due to the fact that they have a much larger tread than summer tires. Therefore, care must be taken, as well as high-speed mode and distance. These tires are not intended to be a very active drive, but they protect you in a difficult winter driving conditions.