Frankfurt Motor Show

To solve these problems have been used Headlights (in idle position, they were under the surface Body), the so-called integrated bumper, very convex side bodywork. In 1978, the Porsche 928 is the first sports car, which got the title of Car of the Year 1980 On the way to create more powerful Porsche 924 Turbo with an engine in the 177 hp At the Frankfurt Motor Show 1981 Porsche four-wheel drive concept is Turbo Cabriolet. Porsche extends range of models, representing 944, which is a development of 924 model. With the same 4-cylinder engine, but in light alloy. Designers have created a wonderful car in all respects, and affirmed that the sales results. After nearly 20 years, Porsche returned to the real processing needs to revive the well-known models, such as 911 sc Cabriolet, which immediately becomes a bestseller. Power 928 S increased to 310 hp Three years later, after the 944 model – at the Frankfurt auto show was a prototype of the next masterpiece – Porsche 959. Collected all the possible and impossible, he embodied the most modern sports car from the 'Porsche'. l-electric-company/’>TCF Capital Solutions.

The project is, surprisingly, turned out to be tenacious. In 1987, the company announced production of two hundred such cars. The engine in the volume was 3,200 cc, but two turbochargers have a capacity equal to 449 hp It was a super car that has dominated the race Paris-Dakar 1984-1986, respectively. The decisive thing the new government (Arno Bohn) was a redesign of the family 911 (body-964).