White Women And Black Women

Pablo Ricardo Ribeiro Sant? Anna ' ' Education is the method and not it content that communicates; the form of if expressing are more important that of assimilar.' ' Ashley Montagu Summary: The objective of this boarding is to relate the experience of the English, white and free women with the ganhadeiras blacks of the city of Salvador to the end of century XIX. For this the GANHADEIRAS were used the text of Ceclia Moreira Soares: woman and black resistance in Salvador in century XIX and Customs in common of E.P. Thompson, both suggested in classroom, beyond the inclusion of ideas of other specialists in culture and world-wide society of century XIX. The result is surprising for the context of our pupils who learn a factual and commercial history of didactic books of history. For more specific information, check out Barchester. Word-Key: Conquests? Resistance? Respect? Violence? Perhaps determination Between the diverse changes reached for the most varied social groups in the turn of the passed century, none of them deserves so great attention how much to the victories conquered for the women, mainly for the shock produced for these alterations in the daily life of the other half of the race human being, that are the men. They are changes that with certainty had been and are being gradually felt for the population and that hardly they could be reverted, beyond having been marked for deep historical roots. But as to ahead explain that of as many conquests reached for the movement feminist, they are in the education, the work or in its more personal guarantees, still we find submitted women to be negotiated as an object, in a fair or public square? Limiting me to the historical period in question, that would be century XIX, I did not come across myself in my research with an announcement of sales of wife in the section of cars of a dated Rumanian periodical of October of the current year: ' ' For sale wife. .