Venezuelan Consumer

A rich person is not the one that has more that needs less the national stage that currently presents Venezuela, indicates great turbulence as it is known in the political face the uncertainty of what represents the Bolivarian revolution, most in a country that has never fully identified with socialism, with an ideology that has never manifested itself in its bosom. All this has had an impact on the quality of life of the Venezuelan and therefore in their identification, consumption and use of the products you purchase for your needs, leading him to be more cautious in their purchase, use more rational than the impulsive. This reality has forced the management of markets to consider the most determining variables in the study of the behavior of the consumer in order to determine the more pronounced and give way to the corresponding strategies to deal with them successfully. The Chair of marketing of the postgraduate programme in management of the quality and productivity of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, Faces has been following with much interest what all this reality political, economic, uncertainty has been projected between Venezuelans, where many have radically changed their style of purchase and obliges to be considered how to be analyzed in the present their behaviour in the current behavior of the consumer to be considered in its reality. Regarding this, in their forums, seminars, research on the topic, identified many important aspects that are important to take into account. On this occasion, William Villamizar participant commented on the subject, that the study of the behavior of the consumer and their characteristics is extremely complex because of the multitude of variables in question and its tendency to interact with each other and have a reciprocal influence. To cope with this complexity you must base the analysis on one of the models designed to evaluate the behaviour of the consumer. .