VDSL Network Expansion

The fast VDSL is already available in 50 cities, further expansion is progressing but only slowly with a current maximum download speed of 50 MBit per second, VDSL (very high-speed of digital subscriber line) is the fastest DSL available in Germany Variant. Broadband connections with higher speed are occasionally offered, be realized but not on DSL, but otherwise about the digital cable. Currently, about 50 cities in the VDSL network are integrated. Further expansion is delayed for political reasons, although it would be technically feasible. The central problem is the missing investment security faulted by Deutsche Telekom: the expansion of VDSL network requires high investment without that is predictable, on what terms the investor later needs to open the network to other phone providers. Originally, the Federal Government of VDSL had excluded connections from the regulation of the telecommunications market, which is why Deutsche Telekom first single Provider was.

Pressure from the EU Commission opened the VDSL network now for the competitors. Meanwhile, a price comparison for VDSL delivers at least two phone providers because 1and1 now offers such connections. Pushing more telephone service providers on the market, but the negotiations with Deutsche Telekom have failed so far. A regulatory application of Deutsche Telekom, with which the conditions of access of competitors should be regulated, the Federal Network Agency rejected on October 15, 2009, which is why further market entries are again delayed and a price comparison on VDSL will provide rates continue to be very sparse results. The further expansion of VDSL network is currently very hesitantly. Deutsche Telekom is linked further activities in this direction on clear preconditions in terms of financial commitment of the competitors. Such solutions can look like, begins to emerge: in Heilbronn is engaged at present Vodafone in the expansion of VDSL network and has received the commitment for, access to the Telekom network in Wurzburg to get. There are similar collaborations with other phone providers in Northern Germany. Despite selecting more than manageable with two operators, a price comparison for VDSL worth connections. The heavily advertised fares to the part of so-called entertainment packages include”, which essentially comprise a TV connection with many additional features. Who seeks only a fast Internet access will find it’s even cheaper! Christian Sievers