Unique Natural Experience

Golf holiday in Italy – a unique nature experience in golf is one of the best ways to find relaxation during your holiday. It can bring your mind to rest. One of the best things in the Gulf is the playing surface, which is completely characterized by the nature. People are like walking in nature, will love golf and also that’s why it’s ideal to calm down and to relax. The vast, green land, surrounded by trees and mountains, gives you an indescribable energy that seems truly to renew. A golf vacation gives you the opportunity of a unique nature experience and once it is South Tyrol, offering the ideal conditions.

Here, there are unique golf clubs, so that all who practice this sport, come fully at their own expense. A golf holiday in Italy gives you freshness and energy that you is retained until your next golf vacation. Ebay is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Italy offers the best conditions in a beautiful landscape of golf players in the North of the country. South Tyrol has some of the best golf courses, where golfers shared and peaceful Can have fun. Passion, spirit, charm and feeling – in the picturesque landscape is all this playing golf together golf in South Tyrol is a real pleasure and an experience of a lifetime.

Surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Dolomites and the Alps offer golf clubs in highlights exciting South Tyrol and the landscape does the rest. The golf courses are surrounded by the massive mountain ranges, and between 300 and 1,600 metres, you will experience the untouched nature. By now you should have thought about a vacation in South Tyrol, and if was still not the case, then you do the best that golf vacation in South Tyrol will bring you the ultimate relaxation. Whether you are a professional golfer or play only recently, it is sure to play a great feeling in this natural landscape. Fun, fantasy and adventure – South Tyrol is ready to offer you the perfect relaxing holiday. Golf, golf and golf again is you are dealing with throughout the day. Escape the stress of everyday life and go You are in the nature! The golf courses for visitors are open between March and November. So at best at this time, plan your vacation and enjoy unforgettable moments in a golf holiday in South Tyrol! ProAlps offers hotels and activity holidays in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps. We organise also activities for your winter sport holiday, like rafting, mountain-biking, golf in South Tyrol, Kiteholiday in South Tyrol, bungy jumping Europe bridge and much more for your adventure and activity holidays in South Tyrol.