In the dynamic world of today, we need leaders who defy the status. that, they create vises of future and they are capable to inspire the members of the organization to want to carry through these vises. Also we need administrators to elaborate plain detailed, to create efficient organizacionais structures and to manage the operations of day-by-day. (ROBBINS, 2002, P. 304). 6 FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the presented article, fit to point out that the present research had as basic intention the clarification of the importance of a leader in an organization.

It is observed that by means of the o globalization process, the companies come more searching each time if to perfect in the market. A work environment is formed by qualified, competent and satisfied professionals. To become a leader, it involves its collaborators in improvement of the work environment. If it will be subordinated, it talks with its superior and it suggests the activity development. The important one is to work in such a way for the growth of the companies, how much of the employees.

She is necessary to remember that the organizations are constituted of people and any change will have to occur from them. Thus, the motivation becomes basic to conquer the comprometimento of the employees. To understand the power of a good leadership is basic for the development of the organization and the fulfilment of its goals. The leadership is a way a process and not a finished product, responsibility of each person. They do not exist you formulate magicians and fast to change an organization to change a position of leadership, but the way this in the development of the talentos and the creativity. The motivation is the basic key for such development and the responsible one for its implantation is the leader. To lead is one dom, in art, leader, by itself already is born with the instinct to lead. You lead cause a great impact in the environment where it coexists, either in the school, working or same in house, together with the family. The leader and the administrator walk together similar of whom the company has a good performance and grows in the difficult market that each day more if becomes concurred and to remain. Ahead of all boarding presented in elapsing of this study, it perceives itself that no organization if develops without a leader, plans, runs behind chance, listening the opinion of the organization, takes measured for the company. A nation has a leader, that she is its president, some does not have this instinct of being leader and they do not know as to act, in definitive situations. The lack of a leader can cause threats for the organization due to competitiveness you lead, them has that to search new ways and to make to happen.