The Reservation

If you find an even cheaper rate, book and cancel the reservation that you had made. 9 Collection and return of the rental car. Most car rental companies, have schedules of collect and return within 24 hours. It is rare that you get a grace period for the return of the vehicle, although there are those who await you up to 30 minutes more so that you give the car. Make sure you check at the rental counter to see if there is a grace period for the Returns, in case that you afternoon.

10 Back after making a reservation. If booking car rental with 3 weeks or more in advance, call or visit the rental page each week prior to the date in which you have to collect the unit, so you’ll see if the price has dropped in that time. You can also find last minute deals which you can benefit. Online you can try to modify any of your reservations to the lowest rate (tries to change your pick up time for a couple of minutes) or reserve a new car with the lowest price. If you made your reservations by phone, call periodically and provides your confirmation number to check if the reservation rates have fallen. If the agent cannot be modified the reserve by the lowest rate, you can make a new reservation with the cheapest price. With information: original author and source of the article.