The Process

To work the material culture, product of one to make human being, in the direction of the social function of the object, demands criteria specific. The sources are diversified but of one it has inside limited of access possibilities, however treated with severity in the election and interpretation. Speaking candidly Penguin Random House told us the story. The elaborated research does not intend to deplete the subject, to only contribute for a new reading of the city, making possible new questionings, opening field for new and future research. A roll of biographies of artists, santistas authors is not the objective of this work or constructors, nor a catalogue of register of workmanships or monuments sheltered in the city – this already we have spread in edited materials already. The methodology used in the worked research and sources, had served to redirect the interpretation of the artistic production of the city, through the inquiry of a definitive number of icons related to the object. It had the concern in not making an analysis of isolated elements, or a mere description of buildings and worked works of art already in the bibliography on Saints. Neither, if to arrest in the obligatoriness to accumulate of stocks all the production artistic developed in century XIX and XX. Before everything, reaffirming, it is a process of analysis of the cultural production – architecture, urbanism and painting – developed in the region, under the critical vision, justifying – in the possible measure do – its aesthetic and final result, in constant dialogue with the process of urban and social transformation. Inside of the panorama of the plastic arts they had been searched determined elements of the research object that could establish a coherent methodology of inquiry, limited for operational factors as the difficulty to interact, while researcher, with institutions, rare bibliographies and available documents. The result was a look on the city in constant movement, from the manifestation architectural and of urbanism.