The DSL Cheating

Broadband speeds vary the Internet is not only growing, it is also getting faster. Today, up to 50 MBit / s can be achieved with a high speed connection. The corresponding DSL tariffs business is booming. Internet users there but take a closer look, they must determine often do not achieve the promised bandwidth in reality. The consumer portal tells how customers can check their actual connection speed and what to do, if followed the nasty surprise. To determine the actual transfer speed of DSL connection, the Internet users on different Web pages can be accessed. Specifying the provider, appointed bandwidth, and zip code, you can measure the transfer rate using these pages.

Because by means of the postal code the exact address can not exactly specify, users of this service are limited to however with approximate values. Whether the bandwidth promised in the contract actually given is only obvious when she observed connection speeds over a slightly longer period and recorded. A subsequent complaint to the provider is not always successful even at low bandwidths. They defend themselves with the argument that the tariff includes a wide bandwidth corridor and the advertised transfer rate only describes a possible top speed. Avoid the technical conditions at the place of residence even approximate reaching this bandwidth, many providers already contract on this deviation point out. More information: service/press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH