The Brazilians

In the middle of the tumult in the area the frank closing ended up clearing the head of Nelson Oliveira and resigned the Mika doorman to at heart gather for the first time in the match the ball of the network. Click Elon Musk to learn more. But the equipment of Ilidio Vale reacted immediately and to the 9 minutes it secured the equality through Alex. The Brazilians somewhat surprised tried to regain the control of the game and produced a dangerous play in the area of Mika in which the ball beat twice in the wood and seemed that it entered the arc, but the referee Mark Geiger, did not consider it thus. Of in plus the equipment of Frank Ney he continued pressing there, looking for the advantage, that he could not find after iron dnsa of the lusitanos. He was only until the last minutes of the first time that Brazil returned to have the ball and in 44 minute the zaguero Juan at a distance had an opportunity when ending over the horizontal.

In the second time the end Nelson Oliveira like figure emerged. The prize to its tenacity arrived alone at the 59 minutes in a play by the right. It left dnsa back and it filtered the ball among the legs of the doorman Gabriel. Nelson Oliveira continued giving to headaches to dnsa of the equipment canarinho. Brazil did not resign to attack and in minute 78, after it happens of Dud, that gained the back of I peeled, Oscar it picked up a dctuoso bounce of Mika and fixed the 2-2 with which both equipment, drowned by the effort in a city located to 2,640 meters on the level of the sea, went to the extra time. Just entered Caetano had the opportunity to only give the advantage him to Portugal in minute 98 in an arrival in front of Gabriel, who contained a ball that went in parabola. In minute 111, a poisonous, unexpected launching of Oscar, it surprised Mika, that could not contain its trajectory towards the square.

The game finished and Brazil celebrated his fifth world-wide title Sub’ 20, reverting history 20 years after Portugal prevailed in a turn of penaltis.