The Beauty Of The Biological Clock

Chronobiology – a young but progressive science that studies the occurrence of various biological processes over time. The object of study of this science are biological rhythms – cyclical periods of change in the state organism, all its tissues and organs. Biological rhythms, in fact, plays the role of a universal program, responsible for coordinating the work of all organs and systems in the human body. They provide a maximum effective functioning of all cells, and the most efficient use of resources. Biological rhythms can be daily, monthly, or seasonal, but they are all characterized by alternating periods of activity and Recreation, which provides full recovery reserves. The greatest influence on a person have daily biorhythms. Every day, we alternate the periods of sleep and wakefulness.

To be highly active during the day, we need the most rest and relax at night. During the day changed our blood pressure, heart rate, frequent or slow down the processes of interaction of internal organs. Even body temperature changes significantly: at night she goes down on average by 1 C. Violation of this cycling can cause depletion of body reserves. Reduction of tone and performance, stress, disorders of the immune system and increase susceptibility to disease, tired appearance and feeling bad – that's the price paid for the negligent treatment of our biological clock. Knowledge of the nature of biorhythms cycles and compliance processes and activities Recovery will help any woman to not only streamline your life, but also slow the aging process, improve the quality and longevity, as well as long time to maintain her youth and beauty.