Social Networks

Article about the today’s leisure activities of young people and children. A life between chat, post and co. Mandy (14 years) comes from school to home. Lunch was cooked before her mother her the day before, because she is working during the day, in a microwave oven is ready for the warm up. With the hot plate food leaves the kitchen Mandy, goes to her room and turn on your computer. With one hand she is logged in already on Facebook to look what has actualized in the meantime. Two of their school with “boring” have commented on her post this morning, “off to school”. During the period in which she informs her friends that she eats just lunch, you think of yet that but quickly the photos of the present day with their clique could upload them.

This, of course, their girlfriends Anne be and tagged Franzi. All except on one of Mandy friends have a profile on Facebook and share with always their daily schedule, activities, and concerns. Most of them have Facebook on their mobile phone installed so that they can be on the go “online”. Since Mandy has in three weeks birthday, wanted to speak with her mother in the evening via a mobile phone, because so she would then also no activity of their friends on Facebook more Miss and could communicate with the cell phone where it resides. As feared mother Dagmar was not very excited by the idea of her daughter, because she feels Mandy chat on the PC as addiction. Also, she is worried about the safety of her daughter, because increasingly she had heard now of sex offenders in social networks that there dishonestly by chatting the trust of young people and children. But when should parents worry? How do I keep the view who and what does my child as a parent? Can I protect my child from dangers on the net? Questions which are important to be answered are confronted as a mother and as a father.