Sentimental Pair

The woman, of Cuban nationality, alleges that she had it to the man retained and put under violence. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk. She does not consist that there were previous denunciations by I mistreat. The 016 are the telephone of attendance to victims of chauvinistic violence. A woman of 48 years has been stopped by the Civil Guard like supposed author of the death of her sentimental companion, of 50, whose corpse has been found east Friday in the address that both shared in Guadix, Granada. According to sources into the Civil Guard, the death have informed, apparently by asphyxia, took place at midnight, although it has not been until the 9,30 hours of Friday when a sister of the deceased has found her corpse. Sources of the investigation have indicated that the woman, of Cuban and identified nationality like A.M.P.H., has confessed to be the author of the crime.

Victim has alleged she did that it because she was victim of the chauvinistic violence and her companion, a man of Spanish nationality with whom took coexisting three years had, it supposedly retained. However, neither to the Military institution nor to the Subdelegation of Government consists to them that there was previous denunciation of I mistreat by no of the two parts, according to the sources, that have abierto an investigation to clarify the exact circumstances of the event. Than apparently there are indications is that the pair did not maintain a relation warm. According to sources of the investigation, the finding of the corpse took place after the prisoner asked apparently through the windows of her house helps a neighbor who happened through the place so that she located to the sister of the deceased because, according to his testimony, she could not leave supposedly from the house to the retained salary been against his will. The woman, of smaller complexin than the victim, remains in the quarter of the Civil Guard of Guadix in the hope of happening in the next hours to judicial disposition. Source of the news: Stopped a woman in Granada to kill its sentimental pair.