Rule Six

If you do not make a calculation of static loads, with strong wind profile can deformed, and this in turn will lead to a breach of isolation and loss of heat and properties. Offering his services to the customer, do not forget to mention about this important aspect. For assistance, try visiting Dan Zwirn. Rule five: warn customer about the need to prepare the room. Must notify customers in advance of the arrival time installers, it will prepare the room. When carrying out inevitable appearance of fine dust, it is desirable that before the arrival of specialist items removed to another room, and furniture and major appliances covered film or cloth.

Can span a distance of about three meters away from the window opening a wet blanket. From later blankets have to get rid of, but expensive furniture and appliances are not affected. Rule Six: Take care of safe transportation. Organization of delivery of the window system to the installation site is of great importance, and implement it should be on a specially equipped vehicles. If the unit does not freeze or not to use pads that protect it from contact with the body sides, the result of concussion or shock can occur cracks on frame or glasses. Well, if they failed to notice before installation.

In this case it is necessary to replace the damaged window system that will entail additional financial costs for the company. If the defect was not detected in time, a complaint from the consumer can not be avoided. It is important that all elements of translucent structures were soundly packaging, protected from damage during transportation.