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A pressure on the switch activates the room lights and switches on the lights in the hallway and on the toilet in the desired brightness at the same time. A further pressure on the button deletes all the lights. Parents also have the option in the room of their infants a while burn the light and to Dim, before it is finally deleted it in several stages. This ensures that all lamps are switched off at night really, what reduces the energy consumption and the environment. In the following years, experience has shown that electrical appliances such as television, computer or game console in the nursery play an important role. This can be with intermediate plugs easily and comfortably in the duwi wireless network integrated and thus remotely control or control. Construction biologically harmless the Z-Wave wireless system not constantly sends signals out, but only whenever a radio transmitter is pressed.

In contrast to many technologies such as Wi-Fi radio the system not in the gigahertz range, but in the radiation-poor 800 MHz frequency bands. The pulse itself takes just a few milliseconds, so the load in the nursery remains low. The Z-Wave technology reliable forwards commands in a special routing process, so that no visual contact to consumers must be. The installation is quick and clean, since no walls need to be ripped up and hence no rubble falls. The Z-Wave wireless receiver can be easily inserted as plug adapter or integrated as a small flush mount module in Distributor and junction boxes, as well as in already existing switch combinations of duwi. (As opposed to Dan Zwirn).

The adapter have an integrated child protection. When moving the system can be in a very short time- and in the new home rebuilding. Get images in high-resolution quality under:. In brief: duwi duwi, supplier and manufacturer of electrical equipment headquartered in Breckerfeld in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), is considered a specialist for reliable, elegant and safe products on the DIY market. Common materials for the electrical installation and accessories via series switch to radio systems, solar lights for the house number and chime modules offered duwi a broad and innovative product range that meets the highest European safety standards and VDE guidelines. Driven by a distinctive quality awareness, comprehensive know-how, innovative design and the sense of trends and market needs, has duwi achieved in 2007 a turnover of more than 100 million and established itself as a market leader in the field of DIY electric.