Original Competition

The primary target of all this analysis is to identify opportunities with potential clients, not necessarily with those same clients of the competition, but rather with the competition of those clients, in addition we can infer envelope that area of the market is little being covered by our competition and to evaluate if we can do to us of that niche of market. THE EVOLUTION OF ITS SERVICES It never is of more seeing what new features in services offer our competition, see the alliances, cluster or partners that they are developing, to know if the tendency is towards the diversification or the specialization and analyze from that optics our own strategy to follow. is a great source of information. Thanks to this investigation we can realize our competitive weakness in services, being able to be that we are remaining short in the definition of our business, for example: if we defined ourselves as Study of design Web perhaps when a performance would be better than offers solutions Web, design, hosting, positioning, email marketing, etc. and thus to emphasize each of those services. ITS PRICES AND TARIFFS It can be that we are losing some clients to not know the levels averages of prices acquired in the market, or also can be that we are being very economic in other services, that even they own more marguen of yield. To maintain us to the day with the tariffs of the market also us makes more competitive, it allows us to define our position with respect to the one of the competition and to take the pertinent decisions on a possible strategy from differentiation or positioning from the quality from work and service that we give. THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS TOWARDS THEM There is no better form to know kindness and/or weaknesses our competition that to know the opinions people who have worked with them.

To know those opinions would help us to fortify our supply of services, being tried to distinguish to us in which others are weak. In this case also he is useful to know what it is said of us and to try to correct the things that could be affecting our image and projection. FINAL WORDS To monitor the dynamics of our market and especially the weak and strong points of our competition, turns out a very useful tool to define our strategy of mark positioning, being had parameters to know how and in what aspects we have majors opportunities to distinguish to us and to position us to generate new businesses.