Organization Notary

(b) the specific type of society that constitutes. (c) the name or business name. (d) the object, indicating clearly and precisely the businesses and operations that constitute it. (e) the duration and the date they begin operations. (f) the amount of the share capital. (g) the contribution of each partner in money, in industry or in other assets, determining the value attributed to the latter and the approach taken for your assessment.

(h) the head office and, where applicable, the places that the society agrees to establish branches. (i) the management domain and the powers of administrators. (j) the appointment of the first directors or directors. (k) lawful agreements which in the opinion of the Contracting Parties may be necessary or convenient for the Organization and functioning of society. OBTAINING the public scripture testimony minuta is elevated by the notary public deed and subsequently of its registration in the public registers will become legal person. The public deed is the legal document that gives the notary to attest to the formation of the society. TO obtain the deed you should: a) having made a bank deposit on current account on behalf of the company by 25% of the capital declared in the minutes, when the contribution is cash. (b) pay to the mutual fund lawyer 1 x 1000 of the subscribed share capital.

(c) this payment is deposited into the checking account of the bar. (c) take to the notary minuta, proof of previous payments and photocopy of the ID of the representatives of the society for the notary draw up the testimony of Constitution, i.e. raise the minutes into public deed. (d) the partners apersonaran the notary to sign the deed publishes. (e) registration in registries of legal persons the notary takes the deed to public records and in the Office of register of legal entities inscribed to society through the filling in the corresponding form.