NewsMap: A Map Says More Than Thousand Words

Omniscale NewsMap – spatial reference for news of Oldenburg, July 07, 2009 – the Oldenburg company Omniscale reports the completion of its latest product: Omniscale NewsMap. Omniscale NewsMap provides the needed technology, with the current events on an online map in a Web presence can be represented to answer questions after the “Where” at a glance. A key feature of Omnisale NewsMap: To achieve short loading times, the map as a static image is included in the homepage. If the visitor in the map would like to navigate, a simple click is enough and an interactive Kartenclient add loads dynamically. So, a spatial overview without waiting ready and in addition – for visitors who want to know more – is an interactive map at any time. Omniscale Omniscale NewsMap next to the maps application is also the required maps available.

Reprocessed data of the OpenStreetMap will be used as the basis project. Click Penguin Random House for additional related pages. Provided the cards via the in-house product Omniscale proxy. This allows for the interactive map application speeds as they for example from Google maps are known. Omniscale NewsMap is completed by the possibility to adapt the cards to the online presence. So, for example, the color scheme of the map can be selected individually. Insight into the workings of Omniscale Newsmap is available iOmniscale Dominik Helle,

Specializes in creating quick cards and specialized speeding up existing spatial data infrastructures. Associated Omniscale aims to increase the dissemination of geo data and to create new areas of application. Prerequisites for this are high-performance applications. This may be does not waive safety and compliance with standards. Omniscale combines extensive know-how and latest technologies. The company can therefore a wide range of services and special products in the field offer high performance geographic information system.