New Internet Portal Profession For Students The Double Abitur Year

Strategies and tips for the generation of G8, detailed information on the study and career choice in the domestic and abroad, G8 computer policy has decided that the high school time is shortened from 9 to 8 years. Now, come on, the knowledge-hungry people and are confronted with a lack of studies and training courses. For this reason are the double Abitur vintage, leaving the secondary schools in the next few years and then looking for the take after their request studies or apprenticeship. Help provides the new online portal for the generation of G8 “. Because: Just who is well informed, can the crowd to study and training courses out of the way go. Courses, vocational training, study abroad, work & travel, the voluntary social year, internships, Numerus Clausus, financial, student cities and more are presented on. The high mobility of young people, almost unlimited information on the World Wide Web and an increasing internationalization of universities are reasons why High school seniors have so many different choices.

However, the courts are limited. Just for the double Abitur year it will be hard to snag the coveted spot of desire. The new Internet portal provides orientation in the jungle of the many perspectives. The visitor learns here, for example, that he free can prove a Bachelor’s degree in Scotland, for which he would have to pay an average of 18,000 euros per year in the United States. He can compare rental prices and the leisure activities in German student cities. He needs a break, but after graduation once he finds work & travel, au pair, internships, voluntary social year or information courses in different countries. In addition to detailed information about the topic of G8, there is also a G8 machine.

This represents the estimated study supply and demand for the respective Federal State in the various vintages. In the Forum high school graduates, parents, and teachers can exchange and the “Financial” section gives information about Financing of personal plans. So interested students can check the early opportunities after graduation. On request, they are brought here via email newsletter always up to date. border concepts is a that is border concepts GmbH management consultancy and agency that specializes in the field of higher education marketing. Many years of experience with customers at home and abroad, as well as particular strengths in the field of Internet marketing and CRM technology make concepts border an attractive partner for universities that want to align their college marketing very successfully. Border concepts GmbH is the operator of Internet pages and. These are multimedia Internet sites the study choice for students, teachers, parents, students and guidance counselors.