Moscow Taxis

Very good, that Muscovites are increasingly prefer to call a taxi, instead go out and stop the car. Usually, stopping the small car of Russian and Soviet-made and often do not in the best condition. Drivers of such vehicles, usually newcomers, if not from the east, from the Russian "heartland" or rather of the areas located in the 120-500km from Moscow. Life for these "taxi" is not very simple. Most of They come to Moscow for a few days or a couple of weeks. Live in a car eating "fast fudom" trying to earn some money to go home to rest there for several days, and again go to work in Moscow.

Very bad that they can not find work in the community, and humanly pathetic. But judge for yourself to use the services of such a taxi is dangerous and the state of the car nothing to do with. They have virtually no rest, attention and response is dulled, and the life within 2 weeks in the car does not add positive emotions. Therefore, I myself no longer catch the car on the street. Good reason. In January of 2009. Having caught the car on the street got in an accident due to the fact that the driver simply fell asleep. And it was during the day.

Well that accident was not serious. So to conclude save 100 150rub or call call a taxi and get to a place without incident. I often take taxis tnt have a very mild prices. Drivers and cars inspire confidence. Suits me. Although now a lot of other companies in any case, the choice is yours.