More Than Just Sun Protection For The Eyes takes the current Sunglass trends under the magnifying glass, this summer is: retro sunglasses from the 60s and 70s are still not only the most popular, but also from the health aspect here that lohnendsten. This reports the portal on appeal of the Central Association of opticians (ZVA). There are no limits of imagination: from bias strident versions to elegant designer labels everything is to have. So, for example, the favorite sunglasses for women are rather classic glamour glasses while the men put on sporting sunglasses ala pilot look. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from MetLife. Who wants to save must settle definitely not bad models. However, not every supermarket glasses is also a bargain for the eyes.

There you should care more on quality characteristics”means also the ZVA. But what they are exactly? First of all, the UV protection in the first place should be. Because ultraviolet rays can eye damage inflict, so a good pair of glasses should filter out the biggest of this radiation. The dark shade of the glass alone is not enough there. On the contrary: the light is softened, natural protective mechanisms of the eye are omitted. Also important is a good to very good light absorption. A good pair of sunglasses achieved an absorption by 85 percent of the light, reach only 15 percent in the eye. Such high numbers are necessary only in heavily exposed to Sun areas such as the beach.

In everyday life, an absorption rate ranges from 50 to 75 percent. Anyone who thinks that the color of the lenses has only a fashionable function, which is wrong. Because gray and brown color shades on the least distort the environment, the eye on very dark glasses hard work more, to see the world in the usual colors. This is especially important to participate safely on the road. Has found its perfect sunglasses, should be cleaned regularly they, best with glasses cleaning cloth, where remnants of the cream and the like only should be washed off with water.