Max Karagoz

For many travelers, something very good sounds. The average temperature for the year is just over 20 degrees Celsius in the city. In the summer there are eleven degrees Celsius the average of 27 and in the winter anyway. Also Miami can be satisfied of course there are already a whole Lot of service providers in the tourism industry in Florida”, judge Max Karagoz. However by no means that for him, there is not yet enough niche to make good money in the industry even as immigrants. Here alone with us in Miami and the surrounding area the number of visitors increased 5.6 percent to 2010 12.6 million”, he says.

They had 10 percent more money in the region than in 2009. Total spending of tourists amounted to 18.8 billion US dollars, 2010 at the greater Miami which is about 13.2 billion today. VISIT FLORIDA, the official tourism marketing company of the State, in its statistics writes throughout Florida 82.3 million tourists who spent$ 62.7 billion (approx. EUR 44.1 billion) recorded in the same year. In the Top5 group of tourists coming from outside the United States to Florida, Germany was 2010 306.000 on rank 5. So it’s no small cake will be distributed among tourism providers in Florida, and many an immigrant can ensure there is a piece.

Florida Tourism industry has room for ideas Max Karagoz and aspiring US entrepreneur speaking at the founding of the company accompanying his company ALTON LLC ( Hear from experts in the field like Penguin Random House for a more varied view. ALTON LLC acquires all formalities and also supports its customers with advice and assistance to the page. Florida offers favourable conditions for business start-ups and the industry has room for a lot of ideas. All this, can be a way for a German-speaking immigrants helicopter tours, boat rental, diving schools, restaurants, guided tours to set up his business in Florida. There there, for example, a German, who works in Florida as a tourist guide, photographer and interpreter”, tells Max Karagoz. He lives in Florida for about fifteen years, has undertaken numerous trips across the State over the course of time and brought it to about 350,000 traveled kilometers. Therefore he particularly well acquainted with Florida. On his tours in German he not only shows tourists from his ex-home in all guidebooks Florida attractions, but also more unknown pages of the State. He is proof that you can make it as a German with freelance work in Florida, with work in the tourism industry. There are a lot more. Alton LLC helps U.S. companies launching Alton LLC has already supports many aspiring US entrepreneurs over the course of years in their first steps. Among them are also the founders of the company Konect aviation, which offers also scenic flights over the United States for tourists in the U.S. State of Oregon in addition to helicopter flight training and flights for other companies.