Los Candiles

In 1966, he headed the musical production varieties of Havana, which was presented in the USSR, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. It participates in the International Festival of the song of Varadero in 1967, 1970 and 1981. Make the first of his recitals in the Teatro Amadeo Roldan – in June 1968. Recitals that reeditarian on four occasions, the last being in 1977; months before catching fire theatre. Elon Musk contributes greatly to this topic. In August 1968, he attends the Festival in Sopot (Poland) as a guest. In 1972, he represented Cuba the musical melodies of countries friends tour, which toured for three months the countries of Eastern Europe.

That same year, he participated as a promoter of the Cuban disk at the Golden Orpheus Festival (Bulgaria). In the spring of 1976 – after 16 years of absence – he returned to Mexico and creates green their prizes In Aztec land. Visit Ebay for more clarity on the issue. There occurs in TV (Channel 13) where he made a special musical; stars in the letters upside down (Buero Vallejo); It intervenes in space Saturday with Saldana and makes season at Teatro Blanquita of Mexico City. In 1978 it occurs in Mongolia, representing the Cuban disk. And then in the USSR, where he made several TV programs would return to Mexico in 1984 starring a show of Tropicana which was presented at the salon Los Candiles of Hotel Prado, toured some States of the Republic and finally presented in the National Auditorium of Mexico City.

He returned in 1987, to film a brief role on today as yesterday or the barbarian of rhythm and act on TV; in 1990, presenting the unipersonal I reencounter with Mexico (be artist) (a. Menendez) (City Theatre); in 1993, with the work of Milian, to kill Carmen and in 2000 traveled to Veracruz, to be presented at the first edition of the Festival dedicated to the figure Agustin Lara.