Listening Skills

Recently, when having dinner with another couple, my husband is surprised by what someone says about one of our neighbors. More information is housed here: Benito Santiago. Even the comments from this to the person about his astonishment. Less than a week later, my comments to my husband, he wondered about this situation so. After asking, "Well do not you remember Sean told you that?" "It must have been in a conversation with someone else then. "I just torque my jaws and change the subject, because I do not want to have this conversation about listening again. Whether you or friends, is annoying and rude when her husband announced that they are not listening." I do not really matter "is the message. Listening is different at the hearing.

We are born with ears to hear. But listening takes energy, time and practice. There are actions to demonstrate their ability to listen, show their love and reduce stress process. First, give your full attention to your spouse. When my husband was talking to Sean, was also exercise of a conversation with another person.

It is not humanly possible you can give your full attention when they are divided between two people! Ask questions to clarify before making his speech. If you want to understand the concerns of his wife, responding to a problem or add to the conversation, a question ('What are you saying is …. ") Then keep quiet while listening to your answer. Then you are sure to be on the way . Listen first to understand, then to respond.