Japanese Trust

From the configuration and agreement of enterprise strategy, as orientation, one propagates the nets, had as flexible nets and nets of topdown. Gain insight and clarity with Ebay. The flexible net is destined to the small companies. This type of net is supported and highly developed to each region, in a pertinent model Emilia Romagna in Italy. Already in if treating to second, net topdown, was inserted in a Japanese model is conditional the company-mother of which the supplier dependent is tied and the grace of the strategies of this. Examples: automobile industries, system of industrial integration. This above-mentioned verification of insertion of nets (flexible and topodwn) have for object to demonstrate that, face the globalizada competition, companies have strategical conditions and forms to continue small, competitive and however operating in the market.

In this apanhado if they have as example in Italy, region of the Emila Romagna is the case of flexible net, got development econmico of high also international enterprise competitiveness. In this exactly ' ' leque' ' of development we will adentraremos in the polar region of the nets of small companies, with advantages of competitiveness in the chain of value and clusters. Clusters, is diretamnte related to the competitive agglomeration, that nothing more is of what trust of companies of the local economic system, desenvolvodas has finally to improve the quality of life of the regions or in development. We can say in micronet and macronet, the first one aims at to guarantee the competitiveness of the set, former. a trust, second, turns through a mechanism of integration, all the representative entities of the region searching former development. cluster ceramics company in Cricuma city of Santa Catarina. Cluster it can contain some trusts or correspond to a great trust. For example: cluster of furniture it can contain a clerical trust of furniture and a trust of residential furniture. As it still can, cluster not to contain none trust, that is, the partnership relations are all informal, commercial or only business ones.