Internship In China

It has long been no secret that over the last decade China is growing by leaps and bounds, his influence increased, not only in Asia but worldwide. With the growth of its economy is growing interest in studying Chinese language and the passage of internship in the country. Now receive education in China is not only profitable but also prestigious. Undoubtedly, the internship in China has several advantages. Firstly, it is immersed in a totally different culture, where you can see and realize the economic power of modern China, will be able to understand the mentality of people and touch the culture that has developed over the centuries. Second, education in China is much cheaper than in Russia, but proposed conditions for living and studying in several times better than similar Russian. Third, given the pace of development of Chinese economy and intensifying trade and economic ties between Russia and China, the possibility of find a job post-training or internships in China increased by several times. There are two types of internships in China, the company YazykovayStazhirovka first type – language training – the most common and popular.

Every year thousands of students coming to China from around the world to comprehend the Chinese language, considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, and more than 500 Chinese universities and institutes have teaching license foreign students. At universities, there are special schools and centers that offer programs and courses of varying intensity, from beginner to prepare for the exam in Chinese language (HSK, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi). Moreover, in addition to Chinese language, many schools offer additional courses such as cooking, Chinese history, ethnic dances, Tai Chi, calligraphy. In addition, the school for an additional fee schools organize guided tours for sightseeing and trips to other cities and provinces of China. Regarding the duration of language training, it can be as short-term (from weeks to months) and long-term (six months to two years), it all depends on the willingness and financial capacity.

Read more … The second view – that the passage of paid internship in a Chinese or foreign company located in China. Work in a country with one of the most promising and dynamic economies in the world, ancient history and unique culture will help you understand the background and reasons made it possible for modern China's economic miracle. Read more … Monthly earnings, as a rule, is 1500 – 6000 yuan. But this amount is enough to cover the costs of accommodation and meals. Internship in a company – it's total immersion in the Asian multinational business environment, communication and exchange of experiences with professionals from China and other countries in the world, establishing contacts and long-term partnership, and finally, the understanding of the creation and management business in Asia, obtain the views of the Chinese enterprises. Duration of internship is usually from one month to one year. According to the results of training the most successful candidates may be invited to a permanent place in the company, which helps to gain a foothold in the country for a longer period. In any case, the experience will be invaluable and will be useful in the future. For more information on internships in China, presented on our website: