Industrial Revolution

The workmanship that we will go to present this inserted one in a historical and social context. The Manifesto of the Communist Party, writing in century XIX, belongs to the historical moment of the Industrial Revolution and the sprouting of the laboring classroom. The century XVIII it saw to appear important technological innovations, as for example, the machine to weave, the mechanical sewing press, and mainly, the machine the vapor, that is the symbol of the Industrial Revolution. Hear other arguments on the topic with Barchester. In this period the use of a new power plant, the coal was also developed, that with the improvements of the manufacture techniques had jointly favored the sprouting of the industries. These new technologies had brought many changes in the ways of organization of the work and the production.

The Industrial Revolution appeared in England of century XVIII in reason of this to have conquered in the previous centuries the conditions necessary to carry through it, as among others the accumulation of capitals and great mineral reserve, mainly the coal. In century XIX industrialization if extended for the European continent, in France, Belgium, the West of Germany, in the North of Italy and some points of the Iberian peninsula. With the cercamentos, in England, of the old ones lands communal, of period feudal, had transformation of these in properties private, for creation of sheep, so that these supplied wool industries txteis of country, with this peasants, that before used the land that was surrounded comumente, if turns debtors to abandon the fields and to migrar for the cities, in search of a job in the plants. In this manner, it is formed then, as in the sample the historian Ren Remond (1918-2007): a wage-earning mass that more does not have for itself nothing beyond its capacity of physical work, that does not have nor reserves nor resources, hand of not qualified workmanship, direct on-line coming of the field to the work search, debtor if to accomodate to the first service that finds.