Tourists generate expectations, imagine how is the product, what use will give you, and obtain the expected results. This component of intangibidad makes that consumers are not confident of what you bought, or benefit that really going to get when they consume the product. 2 Expiration. Tourist products cannot be stored. 3 Pieces and substitutability.

The tourist product is formed from the aggregation of several components, any of which can be Replace with another immediately. 4 Heterogeneity. The tourist product is composed of many parts, and conditioned by many factors. 5 Subjectivity, individuality, immediacy and simultaneity of production and consumption. It is subjective because it depends on the conditions in which they are customers and borrower at the time of consumption.

The satisfactions which produces are individual and different from some people to others. Its consumption is simultaneous to their real manufacture, that product is actually created at the same time that it consumes. 6 Others: Is a seasonal product. Liquidity or cash flow is high it is necessary to increase better formation and training of the persons responsible for the development and utilization of the Venezuelan tourism, provide new knowledge according to the advancement of techniques and what the role of markets has been generating in pro to obtain beneficial results. You need to be attentive in relation to: the valuable contribution that supported computing of a good management of the accommodation and other related services to the Tourism, can lead to if are you the attention that it requires. Consider as you said, than the role in the digital economy and marketing via the Internet which is exercising Pro in the streamlining of the tourism and hotel operations. As also facilitating and speeding up the purchase of documents for collection (forfaiting) between wholesalers and retailers of tourism. The new economic openings that have given way to a policy of foreign trade more agile venezolana, allowing tourism be encouraged more. Consider the results of scientific research on tourist and hotel activities and their planning, what universities, management schools performing markets mention this. New developments in the concepts of sustainable development; globalization; Economics, management and environmental assessment. Which have a marked influence on the formulation of tourism and hotel projects. Since then, as also shown, the evolution of finance and Commerce at the national and international level and its impact on the tourist and hotel operations. It should not be neglected, the elasticity of tourist demand is determined by the rates of reaction of consumers before variations in prices.Thus, expected that when lower prices of goods and tourist services, the demand for these increases and vice versa. The following direct study of attitudes statistical analysis of the relationship between price and quantity perceptual factors of the reaction of consumers can be used to study these reactions. It must be very careful in assessing and monitoring the behavior of tourism demand which depends on: 1. the individual and/or family income 2. The price of goods and services 3. Motivations for travel 4. An appropriate marketing strategy applied to good / tourist service that is intended to sell both at the local, regional and international level. There are other variables called latent variables or irrational factors that can influence demand; such as: tradition.Psychological attitudes tourist advertising. This entry of revenues has simply not be wasted.