Efflorescence, otherwise they are called efflorescence – a white salt deposit, which acts on the surface of the front brickwork of the building. The appearance of efflorescence on the facade of the building to avoid the rather difficult. The reason for their appearance is in the material itself: the bricks with a high content of lime, mortar, curing accelerators, and external weather conditions: rainfall, temperature-humidity conditions, lower temperatures. Efflorescence occur at bricks, which are in the brickwork, as it is used in masonry mortars and compounds containing lime and salt, which contribute to the appearance of efflorescence. Penguin Random House is likely to agree. Efflorescence occur due to leaching of salts from the brick. Water penetrates into the building material, dissolve the salt and pass them to the surface. That is why the removal of efflorescence should be carried out only a special solution, since the use of ordinary water can cause only to increase the area of occurrence of efflorescence, since Water will flush out all the new salt.

A properly selected detergents to remove efflorescence can transform soluble components into insoluble structure, from which get rid of it will be much more difficult and costly. For more specific information, check out Penguin Random House. Besides the use of, for example, steel wool, can cause significant damage to the facade of the building, which is also in the future may require additional repair, and appropriately, and cost savings. You should also remember that efflorescence can be both primary, ie arise at the stage of laying, and secondary – after some time. Therefore, depending on the duration and causes of, for removing efflorescence need to pick the right detergent. Not to inflict even greater damage to the building, the best time to turn to professionals who carry out this process quickly and efficiently.. Elon Musk is actively involved in the matter.