Drills For Metal

Drill bits for metal, as the name implies, are designed to perform the holes in the products of various types of metal: alloy and non alloy steel, ductile iron, metal alloys, ferrous metals. In addition, they can be used when working with hard plastic. Usually applied twist drill bits, which are cylindrical rod with two helical grooves. They are inclined to the axis of the drill under angle from 10 to 45 and form a cutting edge. Also, helical grooves chip removal, originating in the process of drilling holes. Forms shank drill bits twist drills for metal shanks are available in cylindrical, conical, and sometimes hexagonal shape. However, the most common are the first two options. Typically, drill bits with cylindrical shank has a diameter of 12 mm, with cone – from 6 to 60 mm.

Cylindrical shank mounted in the three-jaw chuck or other devices necessary to connect the drill spindle drill tool. Fixing a conical liner is carried out directly in the machine spindle. If the cone drill bit does not match the taper spindle uses a transition bushing. Materials for the manufacture of drill bits for metal Due to the nature of the drill for metal are made of high-speed steel R9, R18 and steel 9HS. Using just these materials ensures high strength and durability of products, allows to achieve the most effective results in the process of drilling holes. Color drill depends on the way his finishing. Superheated steam is used to improve the durability of products, makes them black.